Making Yo-Yo's

My dad and I are trying to make a yo-yo. My goal is to make a suitable yo-yo that is all metal, so I don’t have to pay 109 dollars for a cut. Does any one have suggestions for response systems and for size, weight, material, width, and/or bearing. Does any one have any techniques for me. We are gonna use a metal lathe so…



Use Aluminium. Have it about 65 grams (some say it’s the optimal weight) Silicone or k-pad response, Large Ball Bearing, Size and width of your liking. This is all IMO.

What kind of aluminum? There are different grades of aluminum. Any Ideas?

You can ask manufactors what aluminum they use. I think aircraft aluminum has been utilized.

Anywaysies this sounds like a wicked project. I can’t wait to see the result. And since you are making this yourself, try to not make the design too complicated. You can get it gruntbulled. You can also utilize one of my ideas for a yoyo. Make the axle as short and thick as possible, just remember that it should have a respectable gap size.

Actually, I would use an already produced axle so you don’t have to worry about changing issues. I think some high grade Aircraft aluminium is good. Don’t know where you can get it…

Again. If you want to know where to get aluminum, ask the users. If you ask SPYY or HSpin where they get aluminum, they will probably give you a good answer.

Addment: You can ask Boeng or Airbus aswell.

another good material to use would be delrin ive seen some homemade yoyos on YYN made of Delrin, i was actually gonna take up a project like this later, lol. But from what i can tell Delrin would also be a good choice, but its your yoyo you decide.

Just to point out:

I’m just saying that delrin isn’t metal

Yeah, my dad wanted to use delron but the reason I wanted to make one is so I dont have to pay $109 for a cut.

Thanks for all the advice guys!

Don’t Cut It!!! Do it on wood first.

Awesome, when you’re done, show us some pictures of your yoyo what you are making.

Happy Throwing! =]