New Yoyo

I might be making a new yoyo guys! I’m asking my engineering teacher tomorrow to teach me how to use the lathe and them I am going to see what I can fashion… lol. Does anyone know what type of metal to use I’m thinking Aluminum 6061 T6?

Use chocolate.
Nutella for thin lube.

go for it.
i heard that 6061 aluminum is what commonly used to make yoyo.

have you got any design yet?

Not exactly I have a shape but I can’t get it on paper yet. I like the shape off the BOSS without the rims so kind of like the 44.

can i make the design for you?

You know that if you make a yoyo on a lathe(or wathever it is called) there is a minimal chance for the two halfs being equal in weight. That means that you will have to use a scale to mesure the weight. I payed one guy that is a mester with a lathe and even he didn’t succed in making one. You can make a ballenced yoyo on if your lathe is with computers.

well, the only option there is to use a CNC machine.
but its worth to try

Ahem, Landon Balk AKA 3yo3 has made four different yo-yo models that have seen decent production numbers and plenty of rave reviews. He make all his yo-yos, not just one prototype-all of them, on a manual metal lathe.

The Modfather and plenty of other modders have reshaped plenty of Freehand Zeros over the years. Guess what? He uses a manual metal lathe.

It isn’t anywhere near impossible to make balanced halves on a manual lathe. You just have to know what you are doing and have a little ingenuity.

They on’t even have to be the same weight, have you ever put two different halves of a yoyo together?

If you could make me a design like a mix of BOSS with 44 rims and Hatrick spikes I would like to see it. I have a project so I can’t make it at school. :frowning:

let me see what i can do.
i’m so in to designing right now.
would you like the diameter as same as 44?

I never tried a 44 but I like the BOSS without the bumps on the rims. So try the BOSS’s first

what do you think of this one?

is it need to be adjusted or anything?

YOU EVEN COLORED IT LIKE MY BOSS!!! Can you make the rims round like 3/4 of a circle?

glad you like the color.
3/4 like the gorylla?