Homemade yoyos

 I was just wondering what tools you need to make yoyos and how they are made.  I was considering derlin or aluminum.  After I get all the supplies, what exactly do you do to shape the yoyo.  I am a total beginner in the art of making yoyos.  Thank you in advance.

Primarily you need a lathe. A wood lathe will do for a wood or plastic yoyo, a metal lathe is needed for a metal yoyo. A metal lathe will also work better for plastic or wood, you can get better tolerances. Unless you go big bucks, you need to make templates to check the shape as you cut.

Thank you. Just checking, but derlin is done on a metal lathe too right?

I believe so. But the lathe should be running at low speeds.

a CNC lathe is a yoyo maker’s best friend.

And big $$$

Hey, he might know a guy.

Who knows a guy.

Thank you, this is going to be so useful, and I do not know a guy

I make mine on drill presses.

Hopes to get a lathe for Christmas

Dude, my parents would never buy me a lathe. And, it’s impossible to make a yoyo on a drill press.

Actually, it’s not. I believe Tom Kuhn originally made his prototypes on a drill press.

You don’t know that. Have you tried it? It works fine. I’ve done it twice and the only reason I haven’t put pics of the second yoyo up is because I need to get some T-Screws.

Literally machine your own smooth playing yoyo? I would like to those pics.

It’s not unheard of.

I meant on a drill press.

So did I.

Fine. Then I stand corrected.

I know a guy, wink wink :smiley:

Are you the guy? ;D

Look for the homemade yoyo thread started by plasticwhip. It should be on page 3 or 4