Homemade Yo-Yos

I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about how to make your own yoyo.

I would also love to know more about this. :slight_smile:

For starters, you’d need a CAD design. Then you’d need a sort of lathe (preferably a CNC lathe) to make your yo-yo with. And you should know how to work with the lathe, too. I don’t know much about making yo-yos, but that’s the basic stuff. You should probably also buy some guts for your yo-yo.

ok so that 1 guy was right
u need a lethe
my dad got a manual lathe
and you also need aluminum
then CAREFULLY have a design
once you have made one side out of the aluminum
try to copy THAT EXACT thing so that the yoyo is well balenced
then you need to make an axel and non axel half
i have NO idea how to do that
but i know you need a spare axel and a bering
hope it helped ;D

you’re better off just buying one.

I agree, because the supplies would cost more, unless you would be planning on selling them.

You can Make a Mini yoyo out of bottle caps. ;D

I was planning on doing it just for fun.

i did this in my starting that i took two shoe polish bottom half ,removed the twist locks,made a hole in center,by placing both the halves touching there bottom(one open side facing you and second one facing piece of wood),that time i used a fixed wooden axle,i didn’t knew about others, :smiley:
with that i was able to do…only basics tricks.the problem with it was,i you hit it with ground its circular shape goes out and…than you have to wait for next shoe polish to end. :smiley:

my school has a class that teaches you to use a CNC lathe and when your done with the assignment you are free to start your own…mmaybe i should go back and ask to use it to make my own yo-yo