So I don’t know if this would exactly go here or not but I’ll just go I guess.
I am currently interested in attempting to make a couple of my own yoyos just for fun. Does anyone have tips on making them? This is for any material and any process of making them. Any good websites for basic designs? ;D

Handlathe or CNC? If you wnat to just design but have someone make it, it is going to cost a bit but if you have a hand lathe at home you just need the material and paper and pencil. If you are looking at CNC then the cheapest is probably 300 for one and 25 moee for each one after that. You also need a good CAD program and the cheapest on is Rino which is like 400 but gets the job done. Some people find others who have the program and ask them to design it for them which also works but doing it yourself is more fun. Post op will be around 15-20 bucks each for the guts plus ano.

Hope this helps.

Depends on how far you already know your way in making stuff using lathe. If you have experience in using a lathe or know someone who can do it for you, I can send you my design as a base.

I probably should have said this right off the bat. I am taking a special projects class at school and they have all of equipment I need (I think). We have wood and metal lathes, CNc machines (not sure what else). My teach is very interested and said he is more than willing to help learn how to make some.

Here you go, use it/change the design however you want.
You’ll still need to work on the dimension of the bearing seat since I didn’t make it accurate enough, and the total weight (should be about 65-66g with bearing and M4 size axle).
Generally you want to cut the outer groove first, then flip, then cut the bearing seat part. When flipping, it MUST be completely centered, this is where some machinist have problems, they don’t think yoyos have to be THAT precise.

Thanks! This is what I love about this community, no matter what you want help or advice with, someone out there will help :slight_smile:

Oh also it’s usually made of 6061/6063 t6 aluminum, in case you didn’t know already.