Homemade Yoyo???

Is it possible to make a homemade yoyo with bearings and stuff???

Absolutely! Just don’t expect it to play very good.

How are your sink handles coming along?

At nationals, one of the kids made a yo-yo out of European money with a Duncan bearing and Duncan pads it plays well for just being drilled coins. I have been thinking about diong the came just to throw in my pocket.

i know a guy who made one out of wood it has smooth rims and spikes in the center and a c bearing it plays pretty decent

The only thing that makes companies be able to make them easier is that they already have lathes and CNCs and such.

yep of course, look what yoyomanlance made, a homemade mighty flea:
Check it out

~gorrilla_yo ;D

I have that at school lol. My bro says he was gonna scan my BOSS and CNC an exact replica, would it work? PM me

If you get the correct coding for the CNC machine and get the materials for it, you could technically make basically any yoyo. Might want to ask YYF or whatever yoyo company if they’ll let you copy their design though.

Especially if you want to make a profit off of it. If it’s for yourself though… I think you get the point, you didn’t hear it from me though. lmao. :-X ::slight_smile:

Making an exact replica is completely fine. Nothing can or will happen to you. Now if you make a bunch of them and sell them then you better have a big time lawyer in your pocket. And thats just to keep you out of jail!

There, fixed that for you.

You can make yo-yos from scratch by hand… I do it all the time, so do many others… it just takes a large amount of skill. CNC is the same way in fact… sure it can make perfect pieces every time, but it requires a lot of skill to program and set up.

Copying a yo-yo is often a lot more work than coming up with something of your own…


Ok Kyle but if that yoyo has a patent then you could have problem other than web board hazing.