MY dad might make me my own custom yoyo.

My dad might make me my own custom yoyo. what kind of things should i have on the yoyo. i might need some dimesions too. also plz tell me if i should get plastic and metal, all plastic, or all metal. ands what type of response i should get. thanks

Figure out what shape and weight you want the yoyo to be.

I say all metal, silicone recess response, 55mm diameter, 40mm width, and 67 grams weight.

In terms of material, you hvae two options; plastic and metal. A combination might be a bit harder to make. And if you are going for plastic, delrin is a really good material. And if you are going with metal, there’s not many options aside from aluminum. There’s lots of different aluminum types, but I belive that aircraft aluminum is commonly used in yoyos.

The good thing with custom made yoyos is that you can decide every single thing about it yourself. And what response type you use is completely up to you. Pads in form of silicone is very commonly used. And a lot of pad makers make .555 sized pads. By using this size, you can choose from a large variety of pads.

Dimensions is your choice. Just look at the yoyos you already have and try to figure out what shape/size you like.

how do you even make your own yoyo?

There are two main ways. One, by hand. Nearly impossible to get just right so not done much at all. The other way is to get a lathe. From what I understand about them, they spin the piece of metal, delrin, etc. and you can use something sharp against it (I don’t know what) to basically chisel the piece down into the size and shape of the yoyo.

ok ill try to find out the dimensions of my lyn fury.

Use Derlin.

That’s what I would do.

smaller diameter imo

all metal with hubstacks and a small concave shape. ;D

that would be so wicked! :wink:

do hubstacks have any negative effect one the yoyo?

If they aren’t done well, they can give vibe and/or wobble.

Ya,but if done correctly,they dont make the yoyo worse in any way and are fun!

Use CAD! It helps and metal and plastic are both good. I would try to stick around 65 grams but thats just me. :wink: In that case, if you miss the weight by a little bit, you will still have decent yoyo.


If you do it badly or mess up, it will cause a vibe or the yoyo will break.

If you like the Dark Magic stick around 70 grams, you can always shave off.

Oh yeah! Go big and then if you excess, you can machine it off. I don’t think taking off by shaving it by hand may mess up the distribution.