My New Awesome Futuristic YoYo Idea!!!


Check out this yoyo I made up! Sorry I have messy handwriting… It is electronic. It has a button to play responsive, a button for unresponsive, a button to unpick a string knot, and a button for a new string. It’s hubstacks are a nice feature too. Here I drew some pictures:

(SR) #2

Good ideas, but the Hubstacks are property of YYF, as are the metal rims to YYJ. I don’t know how this yo-yo would ever come to be, but good idea! Looks fancy!


Metal Rims arn’t.

I’ll let someone who knows about all the Legal stuff handle this.


did you get the responsive/unresponsive button like the yomega one to turn on the brain and to turn it off

(JonasK) #5

I believe that you can’t legally make a plastic yoyo with metal rims. I think YYJ has that concept patented. The Dv8 never saw much light because of that.


maybe thats why yomega put the metal rims on the hot shot under the plastic

(Mitch) #7

Yeah… so technicly its a plastic yoyo with weight rings…

(marcusWsteadman) #8

That would be awsome, having a metal rimmed yoyo with hubstacks

(marcusWsteadman) #9

Yyj and yyf should merge together to make a metal rimmed hub yoyo. who agrees?


Evan modded a Black Knight to have hubstacks.

(SR) #11

Yeah, best mod I’ve ever seen. Very good idea of him.

(marcusWsteadman) #12

Uber cool anyone have a pic


Pretty cool, i would minus the buttons, But great! ;D

(Mikey) #14

They have synergy caps. Here’s a link:

Size 1 fits the following YoYoJam yo-yos:
YoYoJam Hitman (and its Hybrid Hitman version)
YoYoJam X-Convict
YoYoJam Axiom
YoYoJam Aquarius
YoYoJam KickSide

Size 3 fits the following YoYoJam yo-yos:
YoYoJam Dark Magic
YoYoJam Meteor
YoYoJam Speeder


Thanks for supporting the shop that runs this forum. :wink:
Also, synergy caps often give a bad vibe.

Ha “unpick knot” button. That’s hilarious, but it would be very nice.


Connor’s now.

I might do it to my other, most likely not.


duncan is coming out with stacks and wered has stacks. but wouldent the weight get screwed up but the weight would be heavy with all that stuff

(Mikey) #18

I’m sorry, I didn’t know they had them here!


Don’t be a jerk about it. I don’t see whats so hard about saying "Don’t post links to other stores.


I didn’t think I was being a jerk…Sorry if I sounded like it. I was just helping him out by getting the link for him.