Could it change?

Yoyoing has become a steady and flatlined sport, where as when the bearing was introduced it opened doors beyond our imagination…

Now when will the next great innovation come around?

Food for thought ;D

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I think there’s still a lot of trick exploration to be done in 3A, 4A and 5A.


^^ I agree there is still a lot open in styles, but in the design of the yoyo it’s self, what comes next?

There have been some radical shape innovations within the last year or so such as the avant garde introducing a large inner cut in the shape, and the Chief with the second lip inside of the cup of the throw. Also some other crazy shaped ones such as the avant garde, dietz, super wide yo-yos like the stampede, etc. There just haven’t been many, HUGE innovations that totally changed yo-yoing. I guess you could say the H shape has become a lot more prevalent and has sort of introduced horizontal (I know it didn’t actually introduce horizontal but people tend to do horizontal with H shaped yoyos). I don’t know if there will be any more “huge” innovations that will change the hobby like the ball bearing but who knows? Something really cool may be just around the corner.

Exactly, but what could possibly change it?

I feel like there is a lot more potential with hub stacks and other sorts of add ons to yoyos.

just a little correction, the avant garde didn’t introduce the cutout. the stradivari was the first yoyo with it back in 2009, and bist had a few more protos with a similar cutout design prior to the release of the avant garde. The rest of what you said I totally agree with.

As far as the next big thing to happen to yoyos, who knows? If someone had that answer, I think they would be doing something to implement it

motorized yoyos? bandai has one i think… but it stinks sorta… i feel like with new technologies that a more practical version of the “motorized yoyo” could be made.

It’s called the Bandai Hyper Infinity. Kind of takes the elegance out of yoyo’ing, but looks like a fun tool to aid in training.

One of these threads came up recently, and my favourite answer, which I will steal and forward to this thread, was: experimentation with two or more materials is still in its infancy.

Particularly if harder metals become less expensive, we could see more designs that are only possible when the metal is still structurally sound when machined very thin. Aluminum axle and surrounding area… titanium catch zone walls… brass rims…? Who knows? I’m no engineer, but there are possibilities that are unexplored.

Little correction: the only one who would tell that story would be a certain Italian. Cuts on the inside of yoyos were done on wooden SKF yoyos and even plastic Duncan’s. don’t buy into the delusions.

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pics or source? could be a cool read or view

The Henry’s Lizard also had a similar cutout design well before 2009.

I agree bimetals and hubstacks are fantastic innovations in their infancy, but what about string?

I hope for hubstacks or hubstack type things to be improved so people could use them more fluid.

As far as string goes, I don’t see much you could change. It’s always been the same, and it probably always will. However, there is plenty of things that could change the yoyo world.

Im thinking more sustainable yoyos, maybe bamboo mix, hemp strings,. Call them hippy strings, eh eh?

I’m pretty sure hemp string would burn bamboo

And I think YYJ made a throw out of bamboo (the Jamboo).


I think that their is a lot of things that could be done with the fusion of metals for example a scandium-titanium yoyo or maybe something along those lines