In yoyo history, there have been many changes… for instance we have gone from fixed axle to ball bearings, imperial shape to the wide wing shape, wood to plastic to different metals, we have explored light up and glow in the dark yoyos, and even tried to motorize them… some changes have become their own styles like offstring and counterweight…

my question is, what do you think should be next?

Something manufacturers haven’t released in public yet but most likely already have patents for it.

Self-correcting yoyos to make up for bad throws by properly leveling themselves, coupled with string-centering bearings and self-adjusting response pads to ensure every bind is perfect or every intentional tug brings the yoyo back to your hand.

Add in small air holes and a computer for use with strings with a metalic thread. The holes can be used by the computer to redirect air to guide the yoyo using a RF detector to help guide the yoyo into the string. An RF signal is pushed down the bearing into the string so senors in the rim can seek out the string.

I think I’m going to stop yoyo’ing until what Studio says comes true, no need to spend all this time when the yoyo will do it on auto soon haha :slight_smile:

Actually an invention that I think someone should make and I just don’t have the knowledge to do it, is create a computer program that can help you come up with new tricks. So you want this particular finish, how do you get to that and allow you to computer generate different types of combos with strings. So it comes up with a 100 different combinations then the program shows you how to do it, then you can practice it. That would be hot and very do-able.

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Hmm, in my opinion, this is not a good idea. Auto-correct yoyo is like a console game which plays itself, or a racket which can hit the ball automatically… it’s just pointless.

my money would be on new materials, rather than design… (though the self correcting throw would be nice…) as for design - we’ve seen virtually every shape, now it’s just about different weight distributions - new materials provide different distribution properties.

I wouldn’t mind one that is padded in Nerf - that way when it comes unexpectedly flying back at me (stupid twists and knots - it’s the strings fault!) or decides to come falling down towards my head (stupid gravity) it wont hurt as much…

I think the next step is yoyos that can be changed to work with every style without being un-playable

I would totally buy one(ok like 12) of those!

two yoyo one string also a yoyo with water in side of the rims so the yoyo would be more stable and spin spin for a longer duration like a gyroscope then they could make a yoyo with that tells your rpms sleep time and speed of throw

yoyos… with wolves… they’re coming…

Two yoyos, one string? That’s called Soloham play. The guys in Japan love it.

They have a machine like that in japan that is a very popular toy. Just droop your yoyo in this box and it tells you all of that. Here is a picture and article of yoyofactoryben’s at the toy fair this year:

A yo-yo with a response system that would automatically retract and effectively disappear when the yo-yo is spinning very quickly. When the yo-yo’s spin slows down, the response system automatically comes back and you’d now be able to bind it. Similar to the Yomega Brain except it would play unresponsive throughout the throw but tricks can now last longer with less friction rubbing against the string.

they make a yoyo with a computer it: yomega RPM(raider performance monitor). It records sleep times, rpms, number of consecutive loops… maybe more, but that’s all I remember.

String that un-knots itself.

Nerf padded yo-yo’s aren’t a bad idea. Hear that Nerf?

Someone could prolly make a computer program that helps engineer tricks.

In terms of style evolution though, I think 4A with hubstacks might be a fun idea if it was the same cost as a grind machine. Hear that Yoyofactory? I just gave you guy’s a pretty good idea.

A yoyo, that when thrown; makes girls think you are cool.

I guess to be fair we would have to make one for girls too.

Actually a lot of girls think my yoyoing is cool so that innovation was already made by the gnarwhal

motorized yoyo
the hyper yo infinity already did it, but more companies will probably move in that direction eventually

But I have a Gnarwhal and my wife still thinks I’m a dork when I throw. What’s your secret? :slight_smile: