Yoyo ideas or inventions!

Yoyo ideas or inventions only! Any idea that you have for a yo-yo, or even a new idea for string and stuff like that!! Do not give a description of your invention. only what it does, so no one decides to make their “[b]own[b]” design very similar to yours. :frowning: EX: My invention is a part of a yo-yo that allows for extremely long grinds, almost as long as a normal sleeper. See i didn’t give any specs or the like, only what it does.

I hate banners.

My idea is a yoyo that never craps out on you. I guess that’s already been done. Thank you Tom Kuhn!

What did Tom Kuhn do?

Tom Kuhn changed yoyoing in a way that no one else will, and deserves to be recognized for it.  Read this for more information:

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I see. He is awesome!

It doesn’t tell you in the article, but the 3 in 1 No Jive was the worlds first take apart yoyo. It could even be changed from a butterfly shape to a classic imperial. I use one right now for looping and stalls, amazing yoyo and one of my favorites.

On topic!!

I think everyone secretly wants a yoyo with blades on it… :wink:

Yes… a looping yoyo with blades!!

My design is a yoyo that makes my breakfast and does my homework.

OK Listen YO YO Jam or who ever if you steal this you better pay me something or I will track you down! This is a good one!

A yo yo with a speaker on it that plays recorded clips of an expert walking you though tricks. Even better if you could get downloaded new clips as they came out and put them on the yo

There already is a yoyo with a speaker in it… it was made by Mr.Bist, but i dont think it talks you through tricks.

Someone did it about two years before him.

A yoyo with never ending string!

I want a yoyo that can do this…

That would be sick!

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I want a yoyo like that too.

A guy on YouTube made a flashing yoyo tutorial if you look up kipkay yoyo it should come up

A yo yo that leaves skid marks when you grind.

It would be cool if someone made a yoyo that was like an air hockey table and shot out air so that you could grind forever

  1. a yoyo with a clock in it.

  2. a yoyo with a speedometer that can tell you how fast (in rpms of course) your throw was.

  3. a yoyo made mostly out of rope/string (except for the bearing seat, so it would function like a normal yoyo

  4. a musical yoyo. something like a trumpet, so you could play it.

  5. a yoyo made out of bearings O.o

A see through metal. ::slight_smile: Not possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

silly just IRG a yoyojam metal. Leaves paint marks all over you!