Yoyos someone should make

  • an offstring with hubstacks

  • a yoyo with pennies taped to its z-stacks, making it self-stabilizing

A specialty slave yoyo- a plastic ‘yoyo’ that is hollow. Sand or water can be added to adjust its weight. It should probably unscrew but doesn’t need a bearing.

A yoyo made from a kendama

A kendama made from a yoyo

A kendama that functions as a yoyo and a kendama

A yoyo that functions as a kendama and a yoyo

Off-string with stacks has been done.

Not gonna comment on 1/2A. I have zero interest in this style.

Pennies taped to the stacks to be self-stabilizing? How about making them out of metal and putting some rim weight on them instead of cheap injection molded ones that lack consistency. But, we would have the issue of how they snap over the bearing so we may have to look at some sort of attachment system.

I don’t even know what 1/2a is?

There you go.

Who produced a 4A yoyo with stacks. I must have missed that. Seen tons of mods even done a few my self, but didn’t relize a company produced them.

Henry makes them.

Aero-yo has one too.

Henrys could hardly be considerd offstring yoyos. they have 1A gaps. Never seen aero-yo’s though. I will have to look that up.

I’m trying to figure out how this makes any sense whatsoever, and not getting very far.

Man, I’d rather just have a good yoyo and a good kendama.

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You could also add stacks to a Split Decision


I’m trying to figure out how this makes any sense whatsoever, and not getting very far.

That came from a discusion about having hanging weights to add stability. I’m not sure what post it was.
It was just how I suggested testing their theory.

Just having weight does not make a yoyo stable. If that were the case, why would the trend be to shape yoyo halves like cups and put so much weight as far away from the center as possible?

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This would be non rotating weight.

Yeah, it would want to be as low as possible.

Nice idea… I made the thread…

Where can I buy these?


Right here. ^

That’s not adjustable weight, though, is it? And, when its spinning, does the sand spin too? It seems a bit over-kill for a slave.

So like, zero?

Here you go!