Mrcnja's Mods

This thread is a place for me to document my yo-yo modifications as well as add my own related musings that have no other place in the modification and maintenance board.

This FH2 was highwalled and siliconed for skillman14. The face of the yo-yo polished up really nicely even without extremely high grit sandpaper.

These Freehand Zeroes were silicone recessed and tuned for oyoyoy. They play so nice.

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What silicone do you use? (btw, the mods look really good)

Look’s like some Blue RTV

Nice mods Mrcnja!

Those look great. :slight_smile:

I use the fairly standard Permatex Gasketmaker. Color depends on the year. This year it is blue.

Nice little brother!

Back from the grave with a FH2 and a Throw Monkey. Both are going to RobbieG123.

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wow thank you they look awesome ;D

Nice mods man!

Amazing :smiley: What do you use to cut the recess? I plan on looking into this :stuck_out_tongue:

He uses a TAIG lathe.

this one?

That’s the only one they make.



how u recess the throw monkey??..while the monkey don’t have enough depth for recess it…
b’fore this i already recess my throw monkey…but it doesn’t work…

I cut a groove in the face of the yo-yo with my lathe and then fill that groove with silicone.

So pretty O.O … I got 2 FHZs that could use your skills what would it cost me to get them Modded.

YoYoJam’s rims can be a bit ugly especially after some tarnish, but that’s nothing a good polish won’t take care of.

Good job with that polish man! looks great!

Shiny!!! :smiley:
Those FHZ are nice too! Do you just drill a little circle and fill it in? ???