Yoyo Inventions?

What would you guys like to have for yoyos?

For me I think it’d be pretty cool if they invented a fully mechanical string cutter, one that cuts the string for you, ties the knot for you and attaches it on to your yoyo. It’s not that I’m lazy, I’d just think that be pretty cool.

if yyf and yyj make a collaboration yoyo or make a specical flowable silicone that cures in two hours.

what about MFD snot?

oh forgot about that.

As far as I know, Monkey snot still takes 24 hours to cure completely.

Yoyo string made of spider silk and carbon nano tubes.

Wooden yoyo with c size bearing and silicone response. Not really an invention but I’d like to see one.

It’s been done, and the photo I saw was glorious! But I don’t have a link.

I’ll be making one with a C-sized axle (not bearing; fixed axle baby!) and if it doesn’t catch the wood easily enough for response, I’ll be throwing some flowable in thar.

Been done ;).

YYJ needs to collab with everyone.

I mean, if they made a DV888 Bi-metal, then we could call it the DV8.

I would like a Hole Cutter for homemade cases. I mean a perfect one.

im on it. Will have it done in the next week to show off. Stay tuned!


I probably stated that wrong.

Maybe I should have said: “YYF and YYJ should team up to make a DV8.”

There already is a DV8. It was the basis for the DV888. Made by Buzz-B-Toys I think.

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Buzz-On-Toys, but yes.

I know, but it never got produced to to YYJ’s Bi Metal patent.

look at 3yo3 FB page Landon recessed and silicones a lovejoy

It was produced.

I wish YYJ’s had Hubstacks.

how much do you think YYJ can sue them for :wink: lol jk. I don’t think YYJ would do that, they’re too honest.

Abby1371 and I are designing a super versatile yoyo tool