Better bearing ideas

Ive been thinking about bearings. And ways to improve them. Here is what I have come up with.

  1. Layered bearings. The size k bearings can almost go in the size c ones. If you layered them, the friction would be reduced. At least in my mind it does… requires new yoyo designs for this to work.
    Im thinking a bearing slightly bigger than a size k with a bearing bigger than a size c around it. Basically a bearing inside a bearing. BEARINGCEPTION. might work might not. i dont think anyone has used it yet…

  2. Titanium ceramic hybrids. the reasoning behind them is “harder surfaces are better for less wear and tear. and reduces friction slightly”. for all those in the comment section, think of rubber and cloth. a LOT of friction between those two.

  3. mirrored/sandblasted/bead blasted/teflon coated outer surface. to reduce friction between the string and bearing directly.

  4. Maglev bearings. I don’t know much about these.not much info on them…

  5. V bearings. Instead of a slight U shape. The V would almost touch the inner part of the bearing. The balls would be on both sides of the V. I think this would increase stability. Not sure about anything. And if someone reads this and makes one, send em my way XD.

To anyone who will prototype these, GIMME ONE.
there were a couple more but I forgot them…

Oohhhh! Titanium ceramic hybrids sounds so cool lol

Ehhh, why???

Titanium is just another metal surface when it comes to bearings. It offers no advantage in this application, and ceramics really don’t make that much difference. Cost/benefit ratio is not reasonable. Coolness doesn’t count for much.


Let’s go fix something that isn’t broken. It’ll be fun guys!


Funny, Cause I been thinking earlier of ways to create a whole new bearing that could take our yoyo to a new level. But With so many already really good bearings out there… its hard work. lol

I believe that would actually increase friction with all of the extra moving parts, could be wrong…
Also wouldn’t having two bearings screw up how binding works?


maybe i dont know. i don’t think it would screw up the binds though.

and titanium is harder than steel. therefore it deforms less and it would reduce friction. also it would last longer (not a real concern though)

There isn’t anything a 60-70 gram yoyos gonna ‘deform’ inside the bearing.
I would think more about how to reduce friction between the surface of the yoyo vs the string, instead of the bearing itself. You know pretty much all yoyos nowadays can spin at least 5 minutes easily, while doing a one minute combo with no regen definitely require some skill.
There are bigger problems when you’re looking to increase the spin time of the yoyo, bearings would be the last.

sorry i probably said deformed wrong. i meant it differently than ‘getting squished’. i was thinking that harder surfaces would do better. TALK ABOUT THE LAYERED IDEA DAMMIT.

how about Teflon coated?

how about a frictionless magnetic levitation bearing? :stuck_out_tongue:

I came up with this idea as a joke… but side note, they exist!

A redundant race bearing (your #1) will have more friction since there’s more points of contact. The benefit of it would be that the bearing could still function if one of the races froze. In a yoyo where bearings are easy to replace there’s no real benefit.

That is awesome!!!

This is actually a really good idea!

Hmmm, not so sure about that…

Coolness doesn’t make for a performance increase…

But what about intercoolers? :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

Not just a redundant brace, I’m saying a small bearing inside a large bearing. I don’t see how this would increase friction. Cost maybe but not friction.

As for the maglev bearing, I actually thought of that. It’s one of the ones I forgot about. I found it while searching for a frictionless bearing…

As for the teflon idea, that’d work. Maybe.

That’s also what Nathan is talking about. And he is correct on the increase in friction due to the extra surfaces and balls in contact with each other.

The cost/benefit ratio would never make sense in creating a brand new bearing design. The cost of a titanium/ceramic bearing would most likely be ridiculous. To machine it, assemble it, then make a profit on it. You thought KK ceramic bearings were expensive?

Then, say they did come out, you’d probably have a $50 bearing at the minimum I would guess. How much “performance” are you going to gain?