new idea with Titanium??


Everybody always wants to spark a titanium throw but titanium is SOO expensive. So why not make a bimetal? plastic body with titanium rims for those “sparkers”? Would this work? Just an idea that I would LOVE to try!!


Catch22 had an aluminum body.


Plastic- titanium construction kinda defeats the purpose of having a ti throw… The real selling point of ti is durability… Unless you can find indestructible plastic


Your point is well taken. But I do not think that a high performance Ti yoyo was what they had in mind, What if the yoyo had small Ti rings on the rims? They do not need to be really beefy - the point is to use the yoyo to spark.

Not knowing much about Ti and the costs; I would be interested to see what the selling point would be for a yoyo like this. What about something like a Speeder2 - but with simple, thin Ti rings made for grinding the pavement?


I guess that might work… But perhaps the plastic part should be designed similar to offstring yoyos, cus in my experience, gaps aren’t completely safe from dings…


I was thinking like the split decision with titanium rings, or the beef(split with steel unremovable rings) with ti rings instead…


I believe the Night Moves 3 had Titanium rings.


It did indeed. It was the first production yoyo to use titanium in its design.


I must find a Night moves 3! ;D


Enyo NM3 makes me drool… are those yours Elephark?


Yessir. I believe most/all of the NM3s were Enyo. I’ve seen a couple in collectors’ hands with marbled Enyo as well.


I’ve never seen one that wasn’t Enyo.


I guess I’ll have to find me a nm3… Unless they bring it back with a little wider design


my friend and i had a discussion, carbon fiber insides and titanium rings would be a really sick yoyo