Why Titanium weight rings instead of steel?

Hey all! So I got to thinking about yo-yos and the weight rings of choice. Most of the yo-yos I’ve seen with weight rings use Titanium (This is excluding plastic throws.), and a few use steel.

Why don’t they all use steel? Why not just take the titanium and shave it down slightly to get they same weight added to the rims? It seems to me like it would feel identical, but be much easier and cheeper to manufacture. Does anyone have any knowledge on whether or not it would actually feel exactly the same? Or other related thoughts? :slight_smile:

Steel is more than 1.5x denser than Titanium so the geometry has to change a reasonable amount to get the same weight.

Don’t forget, Ti by it’s very nature is really cool :wink: I love the fact my H3X has Ti weight rings, if they were only steel I may not have even bothered buying one :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t get hung up on Titanium vs. Steel for weight rings. It doesn’t make that much of a difference. What does make a difference in the quality of the machining, especially with bi-metallic yo-yos. Most of the have vibe / wobble. Greater sample to sample variation than the average yo-yo, I think.

If you hit ti throws against cement it will SPARK which is pretty cool(too bad it damages the throw)

Most throws with Ti rings can’t spark :stuck_out_tongue: And If the Ti Throw is raw sparking it will only leave marks that can usually be polished out :slight_smile:

Also people. Would you rather have an Anglam or Draupnir?

I chose both.

I think the Anglam CC (haven’t tries the new 7075 version) is a top 5 yoyo in a collection that includes over 20 YYRs including a Dazzler and draupnir, and 5TPs, and a few ODs, Oxys, CLYWs, etc.

If I could only keep one, it would be the Draupnir, but it would be a close decision.