New Release! The Vosun TiPOWER!

Vosun has been coming out with some really great yo-yos at incredible prices and their latest release is no exception! This is the TiPOWER!

The TiPower is an aluminum body yo-yo with outer fitted Titanium rings. It’s an unusual combination of materials, but Vosun absolutely nailed this design! The TiPower has a fast light feel that we cant get enough of and a really powerful spin that lives up to the TiPower name.

Titanium is lighter and stronger than Steel, which gives you a unique weight distribution as well as an extra durable yo-yo. The light overall weight pushes the TiPower fast enough for your quickest speed combo and the lighter titanium rings give it a beautifully maneuverable feel which makes it great for intricate tech tricks.

Available at an amazing price, the TiPower is the perfect throw for anyone looking to get a little taste of the power of Titanium!

It says that Ti is lighter than Al, but I cant find anywhere that seems to be the case. Is this a special alloy or heavy aluminum? or is that just a typo?

Only $60! That’s pretty cheap I think!

Ti is not lighter than Al. Titanium can be machines to be thinner than Al to be thinner, but Ti is overall denser than Al

Maybe they meant to say that Ti is lighter and stronger than SS; which is what the outer rings would normally be made of?

That would make sense.

What is the benefit for using ti for the rings? Isn’t steel heavier?

titanium has a hardness similar to steel and a specific weight that is about half … compared to aluminum has a specific weight double (in fact, aluminum is on average four times lighter than steel)
does it make sense to make titanium rings? in my opinion nobody. I’ve always said it, for L’oxygene sygyzy, for phenom ti, for evora ti … etc.
I find little sense in bi-metal (al+ss) in general, let alone a yoyo with titanium “weight” rings …

You can spark it! ;D

I’m sure they could have achieved very nearly the same weight distribution and overall weight with narrower and/or thinner SS rings. However, it sounds like part of the motivation was to increase durability of a bi-metal design. Larger Ti rings would definitely be more sturdy than smaller SS rings.

In the end, if it’s a nice playing yoyo for $60, it doesn’t really matter how they achieved the weight distribution and overall weight they were going for.

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60$ is killer for Ti-Bi

Yeah whoops! Lighter and stronger than Steel was what we meant. Fixed.


This makes sense. I too was in the “y tho” camp for a while but I can see it making sense from a durability perspective

Honestly, setting aside whether people think it “makes sense” to have titanium rings or not, this yo-yo performs extremely well. Give it a shot if you like lighter faster throws, can’t really go wrong at this price.

Meh. “they” said ti would not make sense to make a Ti version of the Peak. and boy where they wrong! haha

I like the idea of a Ti-Bi.

Lol, I thought for a minute you were being redundant, but then I realized “ti” is a typo for “it”!

I’ve played with # 123 to be precise.
good yoyo but nothing so relevant, a yoyo like many from the point of view of the game, removing the “poetry” that you can see around.
… the fact that many months after its release, and despite its limited number (140 pieces total) is still available (again 9), this says a lot about how is the “yoyo of the century” ::slight_smile: (if I remember correctly, the ti-walker, 90 pieces, they went away in a couple of hours … another story that, eh !!!)

Greetings! ;D

in practice, nothing more than a good yoyo in simple aluminum, designed well, ultimately …
then, be it a good yoyo at a good price, how to say no …

It doesn’t really matter, though. Like food, it’s nice to have a lot of different flavors.

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Gotta like a $60 spark machine 8)

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Lol when you analyze things as much as me, making sense helps