What's the big deal about Titanium yo yo's?

The benefits of Titanium is strength and light weight. Strength is good for a yo yo, but the weight thing doesn’t really matter.

The downside is: cost and grind-ability.

Can you even bead blast a Titanium yo yo?

What’s your opinion?

It’s expensive? It would cost more also because titanium is more rare and harder to find/dig up. Not sure.

It’s cool…

Um… You can spark it?

Nuff said.


It’s more expensive…so it has collectors value…but it plays no different from any well made yoyo…The hope from the collectors stand point is that lots of people ruin theirs…

Why wouldn’t you be able to?

Well, with the strength of titanium, you can bring almost all of the yoyo’s weight to the rims to add spin and stability without compromising internal strength and durability of the yoyo.

I can’t find the side cut of the Sovereign but I think it’s shown in this specific video.


I ve heard that you have to experience one before you can see for your self that it make a diference from aluminium yoyos.
but i think its mainly strength and durability. Weight placement is what titanium yoyos stand out from any aluminium ones.
and, yeah, i havent seen any blasted ti yoyos.

That make sense.

A polished Titanium yo yo does look cool too, but people are going to want it to function like a regular yo yo,  i.e. grinds and etc.

Why, becaue the only thing cooler than spending $100 on a yoyo is spending $500 on a yoyo. nuff said…

Why do people prefer metal over plastic. It’s the same thing whith aluminum and titanium.

Throwing this out there about this:

Strength-Titanium is a hell of a lot stronger then Aluminum when it comes to dings. So with the way it can withstand things would be important to a thrower that does high risk tricks such as when doing 5a.

Designing- Mark made the mention of bring all the weight to nearly the max. With that you can have the wall extremely thin on a yoyo without comprising its strength.

Finishes- I’m sure there can be some other experimental finishes done to titanium yoyos, although I am not sure which one.

Everyone has their tastes in everything.

the great and powerful Zammy speaks. i didnt think about the 5a thing

This makes a great summary though I’ll add my take on it as well.

Take the Ti Walker. It’s medium sized at 52mm in diameter and pretty light weight at 63g. Yet the distribution of the weight is such that it plays more like a full sized midweight aluminum yoyo while giving you less arm fatigue.

As for the finish, from what I understand, the Ti Walker is just machined and unfinished (raw, essentially). It feels like a satin finish on aluminum and under non humid conditions it stands up to all of the rest of the yoyos in my collection (the vast majority of which are beadblasted) when it comes to grinds.

Ti just owns, that’s all I can say.

I have to agree with the above. The Ti Walker demonstrates how Titanium, if used properly, can make a yoyo that has far different playability than anything that I have ever felt from Aluminum. Nimble, fast, precise and forgiving.

The ONLY downside to Titanium is its resilience. When you whack your knuckles, or anything else for that matter, the metal does not absorb energy - it returns it. Ouch!