Hey everybody, I have never siliconed a yoyo before and today i would like to go out to get some :).
I’m not too worried about how difficult it would be to do it as there are many useful guides… but what i
want to know are 3 types of silicone you recommend i should get and try.

What i have in mind now is:

  1. Permatex flowable silicone
  2. Permatex Rtv red silicone
  3. ???

I want a variety to know what i like or dislike. But i want to hear out what you guys like and recommend
before picking them out. I’m also not very familiar with the difference between the types. So please do share :slight_smile:

Give me your 3 suggestions ! :slight_smile:

Garey Gan

try flowable vs rtv in the search button. There have already been posts like this.
I personally think flowable is easier and better.

With flowable you don’t have to smooth out the silicone and it makes the whole process easier and cleaner, hehe. I would recommend VersaChem brand flowable silicone…I belive it is what CLYW uses in their yoyos, I didn’t know that at the time when I bought it but it is definitly my favorite.

My preference is Permatex Flowable silicone. Unfortunately, the local auto shops keep this in the back room, so I have to ask for it. I guess it’s a hot theft item or something?

But if you’re after variety, get the flowable, red and blue and black. See what you like. It’s all about preferences. Just be prepared to clean up any messes. Also, I think flowable takes the longest to cure(24 hours), so be patient and throw something else.

Flowable is my preference. Its just a much cleaner and easier method than RTV. I use it in all of my yoyos. Although it does take a little while for it to completely cure, it lasts a while and gives really tight binds. Not to mention is a heck of a lot cheaper then buying premade response for every yoyo. ;D

Don’t forget about monkey snot!!

Those are pretty much the only types of silicone that are useful in yoyos.

I remember buying flowable silicone from the hardware store, so awkward when the sales lady asked what it was for.

I got the same question when I went to buy the flowable from the auto parts store. They asked what I was going to use it for and I said “for yoyos” and the guy was “what? That doesn’t make any sense”. I opened up my BVM that I had on me at the time and said “this is the response systems, when it wears out, I can replace it with this stuff” and he was “wow, I didn’t know that yoyos were so complicated”. I said “I know, it’s insane!”

Why did you have a BvM with you at the auto parts store?

He wen’t there specifically for silicone, and you don’t know what else he was doing that day.

That was the one I chose to carry around with me that day.

I know this is annoying but I just want to say that flowable IS rtv.

Also for a beginner flowable is the best product to use.

As for colors, there is a discussion somewhere where it states that different colors bind differently.
They also last different lengths of time.

I prefer the copper or red but I love the blue in a few yoyo’s. Blue looks good in raw yoyo’s too.