What flowable silicone should I get?


Hey everyone, I just want to be prepared, so I was wandering, is there a certain type of flowable silicone I should get, or does it not matter?


i dont think there is a specific type of silicone its all prefrence


There’s really only one type of flowable silicone, whether it’s a different brand or not, it’s probably the same or nearly the same stuff. However, there are other types of silicone, RTV being the most used besides flowable because it works and it lasts.


I looked at a few Walmarts and I could not find flowable silicone. So I was wandering is RTV silicone safe to use, and am I supposed to do something special to my yo-yo. When I read the back of it, it said to use a certain type of soap on your hands or a certain certain type of wipes on your hands and tools, so do you use that or just use any soap.


Ha you don’t need to do any of that. Flowable silicone is found in windshield repair areas, but RTV works. Just put it in there and take the excess off, but try to get air bubbles out.


Do you mean at Walmart? What would it probably say on it, as in will it just say flowable silicone, or what is it called? (Sorry for all the questions, I just don’t want to mess up my yo-yo.)

(Zer0) #7

no prob. i went to an auto shop (forgot what) and found black silicone so you could search there, but i havent used it and i dont know about it


Auto stores will almost indefinitely have flowable, whether it’s in stock or not. Tell them it’s for windshield repair and they’ll find it.

(Mitch Ginder) #9

I get my red RTV silicone gasket maker in the auto section at walmart, its the best stuff I’ve found near me.

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just a side question. does silicone fit a velocity and if it does do you have to prep in s certain way


Do you really want to change up an extremely tunable response system?

(Gorrilla_YO) #12

I use “Loctite Silcone Clear” its excellent by far, better than the RTV version imo. This can be found in the auto section of walmart, just look around in the aisles.

~gorrilla_yo ;D


I went to ace hardware to the auto section and it is Permatex windshield and glass sealant (flowable silicone). It works well and is easier that rtv.


Any RTV works well. I highly suggest either clear, or red.


Thanks for the help everybody. I only saw flowable silicone that was clear at an Auto-zone, but I did not know if it being clear would not work, so I decided to get red RTV silicone. I have one more question for future reference, would clear flowable silicone work on my yo-yo?




As far as I know, there are zero or very very few places that have flowable in colors besides clear, so the answer is yes.


i would probally use flowable but thats all i tried


Thank you everybody for the help.


Yes. Any RTV will work.