Just to clear this up

i just want to clear up some confusion on flowable silicone. i made this mistake and i believe i am not the only one.

Flowable isn’t a brand. it means any flowable that can be applied like glue. not a liquid exactly, nor a solid. it just “flows”. so when you ask for flowable silicone, and you see some few brands that come in tubes, you may think “none of these are the flowable kind,” but in reality, it means any of the kind that comes in a tube.

if i am mistaken, then please correct me, but if not, i know i am not the only one who thought this.

I was wrong. very wrong. i am not using the right kind of silicone.

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Generally the tubes will say they are for windshield repair. And for the record, flowable is room temperature vulcanizing.

You are mistaken. the only thing is that there are a lot of different kinds of silicone that are not flowable and they do come in tubes. So if you want flowable then you need to make sure that is what it is. LIke Mrcnja said, flowable is for windshield repair so it could say that on the packaging too.

the kind i use is for sink and shower repair and it still works well. is that a different kind or is it also flowable?

Not flowable.

This is flowable. Notice at the top of the tube it actually says flowable silicone.
Then below it says windshield repair. That is flowable.

Yeah, the pic Icthus posted, that’s the kind I use. Auto Zone supplies it, if not your local Ace.

Just one question (not to jack the thread or anything).

I was wondering, you see that nozzle provided with the flowable silicone? Well, It turns out that when I have siliconed a yoyo, that there is enough silicone in there to do another two yoyos. Do you guys suggest not using it altogether, or do you throw it away, or what?

I use a wire nut. Seems to seal it up nicely. only the tip dries and I just pull that off and away I go.

I use this stuff and it seems to work well. It actually cures to be just like a silicone sticker. Is there a great advantage to using the flowable windshield stuff? does it adhere to the yoyo better?

Here is the difference. most silicones come out of the tube like solid jello.
Flowable somes out almost like elmers glue. Maybe just a tiny bit thicker. This gives you more control.

And similar to elmer’s glue it is very annoying to get off your hands as well, but twice as much.

Could you tell me what that product exactly is? I may like to try it, and…

I don’t know, I’ve been having some not so tight binds with the stuff that I use…

that is the only picture of it i could find online. sorry for the size.

so that sucks. i need to go to an autozone or something.

if you cant read the picture it says:
Premium Waterproof silicone

so that reminds me of how sometimes it was hard to get out of my yoyos and left a few little chunks left, and sometimes it felt like i was taking out flowable silicone.

i am wrong. i will delete this thread after the question is answered.

That is not flowale, but it will work for siliconing a yoyo, but it wont be as easy to apply. but it will still work.

it is super responsive, but i can apply it easily. the only thing is that it is super difficult to take out of the yoyo.