Flowable Sili Q's


I have a few question about flowable silicone…
-Why do they call it flowable?? Is there any difference between flowable silicone and the one that’s not flowable??
-How does it effect my play, if I don’t use the flowable?? Is it going to ruin my yoyo??

Because I can’t seem to find any flowable silicone near my area…
And my uncle said he had something that looks like flowable silicone, but he didn’t know is it flowable or not…


1.) Because aptly it flows :D, Unlike the Normal RTV silicons, it’s like a cream or whatever it is.

The difference? Simply the Flowable flows and the Non-flowable doesn’t.

2.) How does it effect? It don’t affect really. Well, Flowable is sorta like fast method of sili’ing a groove, because it flows then store it for 24 hours.

If you don’t use flowable? It doesn’t matter. fyi RTV last longer than Flowable.


So if I use the normal non-flowable silicone, that’s not a problem, right??


Nope, I even prefer gasket maker.


and anyone know how long it take silicone to break in?


the really depends on how much you play and what you are doing when you throw.


Just a heads up, red RTV didn’t work too well on my Axiom. The machining on that yoyo is rather rough, and it didn’t clean up too well. I like flowable, much more manageable and cleaner (imo). Furthermore, I felt like RTV was way too grippy compared to the flowable I use.


Check out auto parts suppliers, they’re likely to carry it. It’ll be for windshields, FYI.


i throw like 4 hours a day maybe
and i do like advanced 2, expert 1 and 2 stuff