Types silicone help

I have never silicone before and I want to know what are the other typed of silicone I can use because no hardware store i live around don’t sell flowable, rtv or black, so what other silicone could I use?

If it cures at room temperature, it’s RTV.

What you want is at the auto parts store. Flowable is a kind of RTV silicone.

What brand should I buy? I’ll be buying at advance auto parts. And does the pack say flowable silicone or does it say something else

I use permatex blue rtv silicone. Works better than flowable in my opinion. Get it at an autoparts store, as its used for making gaskets.

Im familiar with most silicone but there wasn’t any in Mexico and I figured I would check before buying. This is gonna be my fist sili and I’ll have to do 2(888x and FHZ)

Did my first sili job with permatex(or whatever the brand is) flowable silicone for glass and it seemed pretty good. The problem is I liked it too much and decided to clean out the sili on y FHZ an redo half of it so now I have no unresponsive yoyo.

one thing that helps is to use a guitar pick to smooth it out and create a recess.

If it comes in a squeeze tube it’s “flowable”

If you’re using gasket silicone, then yes, a guitar pick helps, I think better than using a spoon. If you’re using flowable, it’s self-leveling, so don’t “over-fill it”. Regardless of what is used, keep it just below the “lip” of the recess.

I see red, blue and black in squeeze tubes. I know those aren’t flowable. But, I don’t recall those coming with a nozzle included either.

I like the Permatex that is available at YYE, although I get it at the local auto parts store. The Permatex web site can direct you to local places that most likely carry their products. At my local auto parts stores, they keep the flowable hidden in the back for some reason. I had to ask at two places. One did not have it, the other one did. Both were O’Rielly stores.

I just remembered something. Don’t let the silicone get between you semester final paper due tomorrow. It won’t end well

I still use a spoon on flowable to get a concave shape and to smoothen it out. Though it is flowable it is not 100% liquids or anything.

It doesn’t matter what brand you buy really but I buy red rtv silicone and it works great but doesn’t look the best but who cares. I use a guiter pick to flatten it out once you put it in the gap.

RTV = Room Temperature Vulcanizing = All silicone you would use in a yoyo.

Flowable is generally clear, olthough you can get it in other colors, ex. Monkey Snot.

What most people refer to as RTV is the red, blue, green, black etc. Gasket Making silicone.

Yes I found that using flowable silicone was responsive until I broke it in. Also the color of RTV silicone you get does matter. Blue will normally last for maybe 2-4 weeks while red will last 4-6 months. These are the only two kinds of RTV I have used though.

A matter of debate, that is.


I think HOW it is put in is probably a bit more critical than WHAT is put n.

I have a CLYW that the previous owner put blue in and I play it quite frequently and it’s been over 3 months now. Granted, I’m not playing it exclusively but it does get hit often.