can i use this instead of flowable silicone??

Just got this… will it work like flowable silicone?? if not I’ll have to return it.

Doesn’t say RTV or silicone anywhere. It might be caulk. Try it lol

Caulk can be made of silicone. Whether it’s caulk that would work as a response or not, who knows?

I say try it and report back. Worse case scenario, you have a mess to pick out of your grooves. :wink:

The worst that will happen is that it will use up real quickly and/or crumble.
I have tried many different silicones, being in construction and all…

If you decide to try it, put a “throwaway” bearing in there when the job is done. If it starts to disintegrate and get into a bearing, you might want one you can just throw out instead of worrying about cleaning and stuff.

did it… not easy at all… not even remotely flowable… very viscous. i smoothed it out to the best of my abilities and now i guess we wait and see.

It drying out and crumbling is not the only problem… if its too hard when it dries it wont respond. had that happen before too. I wish my hardware store would just get flowable silicone or if YYE could keep it in stock. Im not a fan of the monkey finger silicone, it binds nice… but only lasts like a week.

instead of the hardware store, give the car parts store, i.e. Autozone, Automax, etc. a try. Thats where I get mine.

ill give it a try… ill try home depot too if im by one any time soon. YYE says they’ll have flowable in on thursday so i may just wait and get it with some other stuff i may need

Get clear or red gasket maker at Wal Mart. Takes a bit more work than flowable, but it lasts a few months at a time.
would that work? Idk if color matters… probably not

The colour is “important” in that each different colour reflects different tolerances for temperature, etc. I believe that also means different “feel” at room temperature.

Almost any kind of RTV silicone should work, though.

Navythrow’s auto supplier advice is good advice, too. The “flowable silicone” that YYE sells is actually used for windshield glass repair in the auto industry.

yes im aware… i just dont live anywhere close to an auto parts store and it would be easier to order it online.

That sucks. Even in small towns here, there’s usually a Canadian Tire, which stocks the flowable silicone. Though I have to admit, not every location had it when I went looking.

yup… hopefully this stuff will work… if not ill have to wait a while till i get some good silicone haha

Hey man, if you are willing to paypal me the money I can get you any silicone you want from autozone. They have like 8 kinds.

99 cent store.
get this stuff

colour doesn’t matter, but I get the red stuff. It’s higher temp, just in case my yoyo heats up to 500 degrees. Plus it’s easier to see the excess.
Gasket maker or gasket sealant both work. Sealant is more like flowable silicone, maker is much more viscous. (v that’s maker v)