Flowable silicon question

Erm… Yeah… Is flowable silicon the same with sealants? Cuz that’s all they have in the hardware store at my place :-\

It depends the type of sealants they have, do they have any types of rtv?

Not really sure what your question is…what exactly do they have at your hardware store?

The three main types you will see anywhere are gasket maker, flowable, and caulk.

Gasket maker will be advertised for doing just that, making gaskets on car engines. This is good to use.

Flowable will be advertised for windshield repair. This is also good to use.

Silicone based caulk will be advertised for sealing around tubs and showers. It will most likely be in the kitchen and bath section of the store. This is not good to use.

As long as it says it’s silicone it will work. If it says Caulk then it’s terrible stuff and it will destroy your bearing’s spin. It flakes/

Erm… It’s not caulk, definitely, cuz it’s liquid form. But it says useable for windscreen, and even around tubs and showers! :-\

is it silicone II? If so then yes you can use it. It’s not neat flowable. Flowable is more like molasses.

you should try to get RTV silicon, I recently got one and it is unresponsive+tight binds

We shall see if I’m able to get RTV. Didn’t remember seeing any of those there :-
Unless RTV’s costs 1 USD per bottle. It’s like Rm 4.50 here :-\

The type of RTV I use comes in a green tube, the lable says Dow Corning RTV 730.

It is 100% flouro-silicone rubber. Perfect for replacing yoyo response systems.

How much is it sold there? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldnt know I “borrowed” the tube from my work, lol, But at a guess I would not put it at being more than $10 aus. I have had the one tube for over six months now and barely used any, and as long as you can keep the tube sealed after use it will last for ages or until you use it all, whichever comes first.

Ok so I saw grey, green, red,and black, if im not mistaken blue RTV’s. Which one should I get?

Preference is all it is. Pick the one you think will complement your yo-yos’ colors.

Ah… >: D okay!!! Now to go recess my FH. Hmm… Lathe it right?

If you have a lathe or have access to one, use it. They will give the best result.

What other options are there? :-\

you can use a drill, hand or pedestool.

Use the search bar and look for recessing yoyo’s, you should find a couple of helpful vids that can point you in the right direction.

Ah aight. Wait whats a hand and a pedestool? Is it my hand? O_O

What does it mean to lathe it?