Self Siliconing YoYos

I went to Wal-Mart and they didn’t have the flowable so I bought the RTV. Even after flattening it out with my old school ID, it looks rough and bumpy. Any tricks on smoothing it out?

I’m never going to try the RTV silicone ever again, going to use Flowable whenever I can find it.

Next time go to an auto parts store.

If you’ve ever used silicone caulking, you can use the same technique for tidy results:

First, level it all off with a card to get rid of the excess. Then go back over with something rigid and rounded off… I like using a guitar pick. This slightly recesses it (well, except RIGHT at the edges, but let’s not be pedantic). Then if it STILL looks bumpy… lick your broadest finger (yup, I’m serious) and oh so gently run it around. If you’re not careful you will recess the silicone too much and you have to start over.

But if you’re careful, you get a perfectly smooth surface.

On the other hand, I’ve had “bumpy” RTV’d yoyos that responded just fine. It ultimately doesn’t really matter much as long as the bumps don’t cause the silicone to start ripping out.


The Flowable stuff is the BEST without doubt and provides the best response for binds and makes over all bind timing better meaning it will bind only when you want it to bind. You can get it relatively easily at AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts, maybe Pepboys. If it isn’t in their Inventory, I am sure they could put in a Manufacturer Order for you or even have it overnight less than 24’d to their store from a Supply House. Walmart doesn’t really have anything worth while and is pretty obsolete when it comes to Yo-Yo stuff. I originally tried the “Lowe’s Silicone Caulking” stuff myself, it shredded and tore out of the Ring pretty quick after a week or so. I tried that stuff on 3 different occasions when I was out of Flowable and it is only good for a temporary use. I am sure the RTV stuff is like it probably, maybe more long lasting because it is the Flowable brand?? But hey, where do you go when you get depressed? Lowes.

RTV lasts longer than flowable and some people prefer it over flowable as well. It’s not the same as silicone caulking.

Don’t throw away the RTV silicone! As mentioned, it lasts longer than flowable and I’ve used it many times over the years with no problem. Unless the yo-yo is responsive, those bumps don’t really matter in terms of play.

If you’re going to re-do your silicone, a tip I can give is to use a small spoon to create the recess in the silicone. Search on Youtube for Brandon Vu’s “How to re silicone a yoyo” video. It’s the exact same way I’ve done it over the years.

When I read the title of this thread I thought you were talking about some imaginary future where the yo-yos self silicone themselves lol

I like flowable silicone the most, and I use the back of a guitar pick to make the recess

I’ve used Red RTV so many times now that I’ve mastered an almost flawless technique. Sometimes it doesn’t end up flat but doesn’t matter much because after a few binds it will even itself (it’s just cosmetic tho). I like flat pads but you can use the edge of your card to create recess and avoid unevenness. I’ve found that Ultra-Copper RTV is easier to get right, looks cooler and it seems to last longer, but it’s a little bit more expensive.

I use a plastic spoon, but i like the guitar pick idea.

very disappointed that this thread isn’t about yo-yos that silicone themselves.



^ That’s exactly what I said over a week ago lel

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Thought you’d have done that aw’ready… :wink:

I put the blue rtv in one of my fhz and it is super slipy. Stay away from the blue.

same here bro