Whats the best silicone for a yoyo? I went to an AutoZone and there was like 10 differnt kinds.Are the good for differnt things?will only one type work? any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Pretty much anything will work.

Some of the prefered ones are Red RTV, if you run into that, pick some up. Good stuff.

Any RTV silicone or flowable silicone are the main ones used, but basically any silicone will work. I would suggest the flowable though because it is much easier to put in, but it doesn’t last quite as long as RTV.

get peremadex

Its Permatex

They all work. Flowable is good but it don’t last as long! Minimal snagging.
The red is what I like. Lasts a long time. May snag at first but you play that out!
The rest are good too.

Yeah sorry peramadex but I use flowable but does to color real matter I never used rtv

haha I spelled it for you and you still got it wrong. lol

Flowable is easier to install but soft. It wears out faster.

All of the other colors vulcanize harder. This means it will last a lot longer. A Lot! Harder to install though.

yeah i just saw i was on my ipod cause i am to lazy to boot my computer in the morning. And thanks so there is no difference at all besides color.

Well some are a little harder than others but you won’t really notice it.

ok thanks

The different colors are to distinguish for different uses as a gasket, which is its intended purpose. Some have different temperature tolerances, where as others are resistant to different chemicals. But that’s useless for us.

For a yo-yo, it’s mostly just pick a color that you think looks nice. Personally, I use blue because it’s about a dollar cheaper than red or black.

i was wondering how long it takes silicone to properly cure??? ???
i know its kinda off topic but its better then adding a new silicone post. ;D

it isnt really off…
anyways it should dry in 2 hours and cure in 24 hours

Well the Cure time is relative to the application its designed for. Its designed to cure under compressed applications. When just sitting there with all the air it wants it will cure much sooner.

I’ve siliconed a zero and was playing it 6 hours later. I usually let them cure for at least 10 though.

oh ok cuz i put it in at like 9pm yesterday

i use RTV and Clear…both work fine ;D

ok so i let it cure for like 24 hours exactly and…its a little responsive.
like i cant do arm or thumb grinds without it coming back up and hitting me in the hand…but i can do double hooks and double brent stoles!!! did i do something wrong??? ???

Nope. Sometimes that happens. Just keep playing it and that will go away. Then it will be perfect.