So I bought some silicone...

…this one to be precise

i don’t remember the manufacturer, but long story short, don’t use this stuff as a response system, even after it is completely dried it still is too soft and will fill your bearings with little balls of silicone.

anyone can recommend another silicone brand other then permatex? (I cant find it on my country and i don’t feel like ordering it from abroad)

That’s kind of odd. That is what is commonly used (but maybe not that particular brand). On the other hand maybe flowable will work for you. It’s used as a windshield sealant.

these should work just fine, right?

which one would you recommend?

maybe later i’ll try to find some flowable at non-online stores

Blue RTV silicone or red RTV silicone, Permatex

I completely agree.

I’m thinking that it wasn’t allowed to fully cure before playing, which would do exactly as the OP described.

My guess is that one of three things has happend here.

  1. You didn’t let it cure all the way.
  2. you left ridges in the silicone and they tore off in little balls after it was cured.
  3. you got a faulty product.

That is high temp sealent for high pressure aplications. It has to dry solid or it wouldn’t work. It would just melt, or be blown off the sealing surface if it was soft.

You can buy winsheild sealent, though and that is what I sugest because it has the lowest learning curve.

nope. package says 24h, so the first time i used it i gave it ~48h to cure and it was too soft. i tried again and let it cure for a week. just tried it and got a bearing-full of silicone gunks and chunks. oh well, at least it wasn’t expensive. (~3$)

nope, application went smooth and flush, the string still is ripping it to shreds.

this seems to be the most believable option.

before this, i used regular construction silicone, as used to install shower cabins and such, and even though it was painfully hard to apply, it actually worked better then this stuff…

Then it might just be “old stuff” and past it’s useful date for application. Or defective. Or old and defective.

Personally, I prefer flowable. It just gives me the response I prefer.

Looks old. I would only buy Permatex, they sell flowable at auto zone or advanced auto parts! :smiley: good luck

I’ve had decent results with the black rtv, but it’s a little soft for my personal tastes. Red rtv dries harder and lasts longer. I don’t have any experience with the copper or grey. If it’s inexpensive enough where you are, it might be worth it to experiment to see which you like. You may find you prefer different types for different yoyos.

What country are you in?

he is in latvia, it says where everyone is from right under there names.

Not on the iPhone app. No sigs, no info under the pic, basic profiles with very limited information.

i use this stuff the most often. it isnt very grippy and soft, but binds are still tight.

I am going through a tube of permatex ultra grey, I have it in all my throws because it works well and it lasts. Also, breaks in quicker than pads.

I have tried some other gasket sealant that never dried out, even after a few days. It sounds a bit like you describe.

I also have tried regular silicone, it works well but desintegrates really quickly, as in a week.

Are you able to find this in your country?