silicone help

hey guys, um, i need help on how to silicone a yoyo. i already did it on my yomega dash and it was great but it wears off to fast. i dont know what kind of silicone it was, just random stuff i found but i was woundering if there was a certain type of silicone that i should use rather then what i was using, which i dont know what that type was.

If you live in a humid enviornment let it cure for like 2 days. Use RTV red silicone, you probably used flowable.

Wears off? I have had flowable (not red) in my DMII for months and just flowed my Yukki.

If you aren’t using RTV you’re not going to do any good because it won’t dry or cure. However, flowable vs gasket maker is just a preference thing. Either will work well.

How long are you allowing it to set and cure?

I’ve had flowable in a yoyo for a little over a year. Nothing wrong with it.
Humidity has nothing to do with cure time.

I let mine cure for 48 hours and I had to resili it in about an hour. yes i got rid of the bubbles

48 hours is time wasted. I play mine after 4 hours and it lasts months.

well mine dies instantly. I dont sili. i just buy pads, im lazy ;D only crazy thing ive done is CLEAN a bearing. so i have not gone “the yoyoers way”

well i guess i should try to look somewere to see about this RTV red silicone, and i dont know about humidity, i live in buffalo new york. and i let mine sit for about 4 or 5 hours, and it just wore of after like 2 days

new! just in! my silicone work is horrible! just 2 days ago, Acavando met me at a park with several others and he silied it and i works awesomely

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