Is flowable silicon reliable?


From what I’ve heard it comes off easily.

Also, does it last longer than stickers?


it only comes off easy if you dont completely let it cure for a whole 24 hours any less and it wont be ready and will fall out quick. also yoyos with deeper receses tend to hold silicone better because there is more wall for the silicone to hold on to.

if you silicone your yoyo right and let it full cure it should hold up fine.
and from my experience stickers last longer but not like by months and months more…



It can last a good long time. Different stickers/replacement responses last different lengths of time depending on how you play, how much you play, and ultimately the quality and durability of the response sticker/ring/whatever.

My recommendation is that if your yoyo has a deep groove(like not a wide and shallow flat sticker response area and not a shallow groove that takes General Yo thin hat pads since it’s not deep enough), the odds are otherwise in your favor of using flowable silicone and being successful. There’s also gasket making silicone. All this is available at auto parts stores. I recommend Permatex brand products for this either way. Some people here have a preference for the gasket making silicone over the flowable. I prefer the flowable. There’s no “what’s right” answer, it’s more of a “what do you end up prefering is what’s right for you”. The good news is that this stuff is not terribly expensive either way, so the ability to test to find what you like isn’t a big investment. Well, the investment is the time to install it and let it cure(don’t get impatient, throw another yoyo while you wait), then wear it down and have to replace it with something else to see which you like better.

The better question to couple with your initial inquiry might be “which yoyos that I have/are looking to get, are compatible with flowable silicone”. This way, you have information that’s way pertinent to your needs and application and should ideally have better results for you. In the meantime, watch some videos on how to do this.


Honestly, you heard wrong. Flowable is great, it gives you good long lasting binds and the only way that it would rip off easy is if the responce area is extreamly shallow (like the dreadnought or YYR yoyos) or the silicone is not applied correctly and let cure for 24 hours. It lasts just a tad longer than the stickers, just a little bit…but it is extreamly cheap compared to the ready made pads.


If the recess on a yoyo isn’t deep enough it won’t hold we but in many cases it can hold longer then pads and it’s always cheaper then buying pads.

Only way to know is to try it for yourself I say go for it.


i use flowable, and i wouldnt dream of using anything else out there… out of 7 yoyos that use it, ive only had to replace it once… there are different types tho… im not entirely sure whats all out there, but some will last longer, and some will be grippier, but the response is perfect


From my experience, Gasket Maker lasts a while longer than flowable. And waiting 24 hours isn’t necessary I usually let the yoyo cure overnight. Silicone lasts just as long as pads if the silicone is in a proper recess. K-Pads always wear out in the first few weeks for me.


I think the gasket making silicone cures in a lot less time. However, regardless, always follow the instructions on the package. If it says to wait 24 hours, then wait it out. Don’t argue with the folks who made the stuff. Otherwise, it can rip out or get torn to shreds faster and then you have to redo it again and wait another 24 hours.


That’s just the recommended amount of time. Not really needed to wait that long. I’ve tried having the silicone cure for 24 hours, but felt no difference, flowable and gasket maker, and still lasted the same amount of time.

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I find if I do that, than the silicone gets a sort of “Rough/Matte” surface and doesn’t affect performance, but wears out much faster. Best do it in the morning so your not tempted the next day to play with it.


Just the string making a mold in the silicone. Happens to me if I wait 12 hours or 24 hours.


OK, well, fine then. But, you’d think that they put those times on there for a reason. The package says wait 24 hours. My advice: wait it out. That’s probably the biggest problem people have is impatience.

Then again, my wife likes to argue with the navigation system and food recipes, so I guess this need to do things wrong isn’t restricted to her family’s blood line.

(but, then again, they do fight hard to ensure it’s done wrong and with results contrary to their end goal. Also, they feel if they don’t try, they can’t fail, which explains a lot of other stuff too).

In closng, the instructions are instructions, not “suggestions”. Read it, follow it and enjoy the benefits from doing such a simple task like following instructions. Or don’t and then you have a reason to complain about the problems you caused for yourself. That’s fun and productive too.


You also have to consider the context in which the instructions were written. They’re thinking you’re using it in an automotive context in which there would be much less oxygen to facilitate the curing process. In a yoyo context, the silicone has free access to all the oxygen it wants, and therefore would be able to cure quicker than the instructions would suggest. I’d say 12 hours is usually plenty. I just siliconed 3 throws last night and let them sit for about 16 hours and they’re good to go.



Also if you have a humid place it’s supposed to go faster.

I just silicone it at night then use 'em when I wake up. (But I wake up at 11-12ish…)


From the Permatex web site

PermatexÒ Ultra BlueÒ No-Leak RTV Silicone Gasket cures on
exposure to moisture in the air. The product dries tack free in
two hours and fully cures in 24 hours. Cure times will vary
with temperature, humidity and gap.


Well, I’ll make sure I don’t have anyone else do my repairs.

If it says 24 hours, it’s gonna wait 24 hours. I got plenty of yoyos, I can wait it out no problem.


Flowable is most definitely reliable. If your yoyo accepts it, i would recommend it over all other choices. Follow the instructions, just wait the 24 hours, then you know for a fact that it’s good to go. If you try it any sooner you are just taking chances, and then you might have to do it again.


And wait another 24 hours…

I went over this already, but as you’ve probably noted, it appears we have some impatient members here. It always helps when someone else also says the same thing regarding following the instructions.

Ultimate solution:
Have multiple yoyos, so if any single ONE goes down(or maybe a few) due to being siliconed, you’ve got plenty waiting for some attention. With other yoyos to play with, you won’t be annoyed so much waiting the 24 hours.