Flowable Silicone falling out help

Hey guys, do you have ideas on how to make flowable silicone stay in your yoyo longer?
my silicone always pop out before it wears out. it usually stays in my yoyo for 2 weeks at most then rips out.
Honestly, i do play pretty rough though. like when i Regen and stuff like that, i bind and throw really hard. so i know i use my response pads to an extremely high degree.
so, any tips on how to make my silicone stay in longer? more specifically - in my Supernova.

edit: i do make sure the response seat is absolutely clean when i silicone it. and i try to take every precaution when i do silicone my Supernova.

Let it dry longer.

Flowable never lasts very long. It’s just how it is. Nothing you can really do about it.

Agreed, I let mine dry for at least 24 hours, usually last a few months for me.

It never lasts long for me. It seems that the more I do it, the longer it lasts.

I scratch the hell out of the silicone reccess, that helps a lot. Gives it something to hold onto rather then the super slick coating the yoyo has. After I do that I normaly have to remove it with something because it doesn’t fall out.

I had same problem with H5xChief the spot were the response is isn’t to deep so I think that’s why it doesn’t stay on. Whch throw do you have? It could be that you aren’t drying it long enough

If it’s a plastic throw, you should try hot glue instead.

Thanks for the help guys. i usually let it sit for 12hours only. but this time i’ll let it sit for 24hours. (although i think 12hours is more than enough time)
I already stated that its my Supernova. I think if i do scratch the heck out of my response area, that would solve the problem. but who really wants to do that to their metal yoyo? - Not I.

Hot glue really work?

It works best on plastic. It won’t last long on metal

I had same issue and had to throw away the first 1/4 of the flowable in the tube, than it seemed to work great, also let it set for 24 hrs

Also pay close attention when doing the application. Look for air bubbles and if u see any pop them with a pin before you let it dry (this may take some practice). Air bubbles are a major cause of response failing early.

Silicone should actually set for longer than 24 hours to fully cure. I recall reading 72 hours was ideal. But who wants to wait that long? 24 hours is the shortest you should wait if you want it to last.

And scratching up the response groove wouldn’t really have any negative effect, since you’d never see it anyway. I can understand not wanting to do it though.

Yes, the scratching part will not affect the look or play unless you keep it open with no response in it ;D. A deeper, or bigger groove would make it last longer.