Flowable Silicone Question


I have recently tried flowable silicone and when it finally dried, the yoyo very snaggy and abit responsive. In the end, it was back to normal and unresponsive. Does this happen everytime and you need to break in the response or no?


Play it and give it time to break in. It should improve once its completely recessed. Sometimes it just means there is a bit too much in the grove but with some play the string should sheer it off slowly decreasing that grippy, snaggy feeling. Perfectly normal.

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Yah that’s what I thought. Thanks man!

The trick is to not overflow…

Here’s a quick tutorial on doing it. - sounds like you know how, but the G2 guys give some simple tips…


Flowable silicone may be self leveling(it is), but that doesn’t mean we don’t put too much in when doing silicone jobs.

I use a glossy finished business card as it’s thinner and a bit more flexible, but there’s many good “tools” to remove the excess. ID’s, old CC’s, stiff paper, YYE stickers…

If done right you shouldn’t need to brake it in, at least I’ve never needed to other then my first sili job.

Hey no problem!

Thats what we’re here for, to help each other out!

Even if done right it still might need to be broke in, it just takes a LOT less time.

I don’t know why I never seem to have to then… Maybe I do my Silicone weird… I do make it dip in rather then just flush.

I use a guitar pick to scrape the groove, the less angular side

It sounds like maybe I’m removing the excess maybe sooner than you are, and in a different manner.
I prefer it flush rather than concaved. All that really matters is that you’re happy with your results. I’m happy with mine.

When I do it, I wait about 10 minutes before removing the excess. With flowable, that really isn’t a lot of time to wait.

Then again, maybe your throw is a bit straighter than mine.

I do it right after I lay it and put the corner of a gift card on the silicone recess and take it around once and done. Works perfect for me tight binds and no breaking in.

(I’m confident in my throw too. ^_^)

Agreed what ever floats your boat.

My flow able always has a break in period for about a week because I almost always overdo it and I’m too lazy to scrape the excess off.

You really need to scrape the excess off. It only takes 5-10 seconds per half. I’m also lazy. By removing the excess, I don’t have to deal with issues later. I do have to silicone it later. I’ll accept that to get the performance I want.