Which silicone to buy.


Hi, yesterday I was in store to buy some silicone for my PGM but they have different types of silicone.
Should I get Universall silicone or silicone for glass, windows and aquariums? Also should I get transparent or white silicone?


You probably want the one for glass, windows, and aquariums.


i bought the one for glass and it worked fine, i was very impatient though and wanted to play with my new yoyo. but it dries really nicely. i would suggest putting the silicone on just before you go to bed as it can take 24 hours for it to set


Thanks and which color white or transparent? Also how long will it last?


Ok Ill get transparent one but can someone please tell me how long will it last?(im playing about 2 hours every day)


The colors dont matter. For me Aquarium didnt work but maybe its different.


Really?I need to be 100% sure it will work cause Im buing BIGGER pack of silicone (I cant find small pack in any store),its more expensive and Im saving up money for M1.

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There is something that a lot of people like to buy called flowable silicon. It is very easy to use and very easy to clean up. Here is pic:



In store Im going to buy from they have different types of flowable silicone.


It doesn’t really matter, unless you want a higher grade of silicone.




I use GE silicone two. It’s mildew resistant, so no mildew in my yoyo! ;D

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I just got a 40ml tube of silicone that said it would cure. It does cure but mine is a bit “stiff” in the way that it doesen’t flow out evenly. And I also feel that mine does wear out fast. But the flowable silicone people are talking about is actually a windshield and glass sealer. And I do believe that certain gasa stations carry those tubes. Just get a tube that contains the words “flowable”, “silicone” and “cure”. That should work, but I believe that a silicone windshield sealer will work best.


I got that stuff, didn’t work for me at all. I let it cure for over 48 hours on one attempt, it ripped out in a few minutes flat. It never cured for me. Maybe it’s a different GE silicone II, mine says “windows and doors” on it…

I’m probably just going to order the flowable stuff off of yoyonation.


Thanks, i didn’t know they are selling silicone at gas stations, I’m going to buy some silicone tommorow, Thanks again you’re all great. :smiley:


Also, red gasket maker also works. Jensen Kimmitt uses it in his Peak.
This works as well:



So finally Ive got universall one because the one for aquariums was out of stock but in description it says that universall one can be used for glass, I hope it will work. Can someone tell me how long will it last in my yoyo ???

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I think it might last a bit shorter than the one for aquariums, but each type is different.


But how long? Two days, one week or one month?

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As I said that depends. Each brand make their silicone a bit different. But it should last for atleast a week.

Addment: You can try to wait and see.