Flowable Silicone

Every time I see flowable silicone in a yoyo it’s clear. The flowable I purchased and have been putting into my yoyos is more of a murky white, it also seems to sort of flake out after very little use. It doesn’t flake out completely, it just looks kind of grody. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Mind is Permatex, flowable silicone windshield and glass sealer.

Oh, and sorry if this has been discussed before, I used the search option and nothing about my particular problem came up

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If you gave a search but couldn’t find anything, well, at least you gave it a try.

How long are you letting it dry before you play with it?

if you are wondering, that is the right kind of silicone

Heya, I think I let it dry for an hour because that’s what the drying time was on the tube, probably not enough time. I’m looking at my genesis now and it’s looking nice and clear 6 and a half hours in, I think I’ll just leave it over night just in case.

24 hours is usually the best, but 10 should be fine.

let it dry for 24 hours because
if you leave it only for 10 hours
the silicon might mess up when you are playing

Actually, I usually wait around 8 or 9 hours and it’s just fine. 24 hours for it to totally cure, but it’s good to play with by 10 hours.

What does cure exactly mean? I remember wondering that when I read it on the tube, I assumed it meant water-proof but that’s probably wrong. How does it pertain to our purposes?

Drying is a physical process. Water and/or other chemicals evaporate. Curing is a chemical process. During the curing process the silicone is forming long polymer chains at the molecular level. This gives it strength and stability.

Ah I see. I just tried out my yoyo after letting sit for 24 hours and cure. It’s working spectacularly, I guess letting it dry long enough was my problem lol.

when i silicone, i dont know how long i wait, but when it is dry, it is usually clear, and when it is cured, it is somewhat glassy