Flowable silicone not drying

Is it normal for flowable silicone to be in the same state after 28 hours?


still liquid after 28 hours?
i never encountered such a thing

Try shining a light on it, that usually makes it dry a little quicker. Don’t play it if its still liquid!

Actually, it should atleas start to cure after that amount of time. You may have gotten a type of silicone that won’t cure or stick to plastic and metal. But if you have gotten the one they sell at YYN it should have cured by now.

Hold on, I found that when I poke it with a paper clip it was squishy, but not completely dry. Am I on the right track?

Well I got GE bath tub 100% silicone 2

It shuold dry in 24 hours it maby seperated in the tube if not drying scrape it out and try agin it should be dry. You may need to mix it just squeez the tub from the end to the top then back agin, just be carefull it can break the tube and squirt all over, but do that a few times and try agin.

I found out my dad had that silicone for years. Since then, it wasn’t covered and it completely dried up. And the silicone that wasn’t dry was really lumpy. But its okay I just bought some permatex flowable silicone and its doing me good ;D. Thanks guys

Sometimes it takes as long as 48 hours to completely dry. Glad its working for you!

Also, make sure there are no air bubbles. Air bubbles can cause it to cure weirdly.

Okay, so how do you know if the flowable silicone is completely dry?

If it’s not wet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly, its true ;D