Flowable Silicone - Wait 12 or 24 hours?

So I’ve finally got my hands on the stuff - the right kind. (I used bath and tile silicone on my last attempt. ::slight_smile: )

Will waiting 24 hours make a true difference or will 12 do just fine? I haven’t gotten to throw in a month or two because of the dead response in my Hitman Pro, so my patience has died completely. ;D

Wait the full 24 unless you want it to tear out and/or tear up, causing you to have to yank it out and do it all again. They state the times on the package for a reason. Please, trust their judgment. They make it, they know what works best.

Gotcha… that would tend to cause some problems.

Just thought I’d ask the community. ;D

Better to ask before you get impatient and have to start over.

I typically only get a chance to do my yoyos at like 11:30 at night. So, by the time they are cured, I’m too tired to want to play them the next night! I usually just let the yoyo sit an extra 8-12 hours mostly since I don’t get a chance to get to it. I’m not gaining anything by waiting longer though.

I’ve resiliconed a few throws and I’ve waited the full 24 hours and it worked very well. If you’ve got the time, go for 12 hours see how plays and if it works then awesome! if it doesn’t then you know and you can let us all know :slight_smile:

Well it’s already reached the 19 hour point, and I’m at school so I may as well keep it going haha.

Allways wait the full 24 hours. Especially with thinner or shallow responce grooves.

Waiting that long is a waste of time and the extended time doesn’t really do much. I have been doing this for 5+ years and I usually wait about 4-6 hours and it plays completely fine. You don’t have to wait that long at all but that’s just me but some people are anal about following the usual and waiting a whole day but thats just a false myth

I think it all depends on what type of flowable you use since some are made to self level more than others. For instance, the Monkey Snot by Monkeyfinger needs 24 hours to cure. I’ve tried to play it before that and have had it tear out or it can still be tacky and ruins the string…plus you have to re-silicone which is just a waist of time and silicone.

I would follow the directions on the product you are using for the best results honestly. No one on here works for the manufacturer and I would trust the company that makes the product to know how best to use something they have spent money on making and testing for best results.

If you were to look up the components in liquid silicone you would see that the majority require 24 hours to cure since they technically do not actually dry but cure. The difference is that when something dries you are looking for a moisture content while curing is the process of allowing something like silicone to reach the desired moisture, viscosity and state in order to do what it was intended for. So flowable, having used it since the very first release of the YYJ hitman, I would say go with the full 24 unless the product says otherwise.

Yup. Totally depends on the type of silicone. Generally speaking, however, I have not encountered any problems at 12 hours for ‘light use’ to test for vibe and such with most any silicone.