Silicone dry time

How long does it take for red RTV gasket maker take to dry. Ive heard 24 hours. Ive heard 10 hours. Ive even heard samad waits 3 hours. When I went to clean off the excess from the yoyo 5 minutes afterward, the silicone around the yoyo was thoroughly dried (it had the texture of rubbed off the eraser. To risk having to re-silicone the yoyo (I did a perfect job) can I go play with it?

am not sure but my friend siliconed my yoyo once since i ran out and he said it dried in 4 hours before i was able to play with it

well, I siliconed around 5 o’clock so i’ll give it a shot around 9:30


But if it rips im suing you ::slight_smile:

nah jk

i let my sili dry overnight so it cures. it dries in like 4 hours but it might rip out. i would wait until tommorow morning

yeah it dries in a couple hours but it doesn’t cure. I would wait 24 hours.

holy jesus on a pogo stick, 4hours and its cured


Really??That fast?


And you have to put /img for the second one

It will be dry within an hour, but it can take twenty-four hours to fully cure.

It’s worth waiting overnight… I siliconed a protostar and it seemed fine after4 hrs, so at 6 hrs I played it a bit. Over the next few weeks it started to get more responsive and spin time was reduced. Turned out playing it before it had fully cured left tiny silicon rubbings in the yo, which eventually found their way into the bearing. That stuff’s really hard to get out - had to clean and blow air through the bearing many times to get it back to normal.

Subsequent silicon jobs i’ve left to fully cure and haven’t had the same problem again. It’s much safer to wait overnight to ensure it’s totally cured.

Just a warning, your mileage may vary. ;D

Mine after an hour can play. Will not come out.

I sheild my bearings :wink:

This is the process I go through when I silicone my yo-yos.

After applying silicone …

Four hours later I check the yo-yo for excess silicone to scrape off. This is when the silicone is the easiest to pick off in my experience and allows you to do a bit of a clean-up job before it completely dries up.

The silicone should be done within 12 hours from when you applied it. But to be safe you COULD wait the 24 hours but it’s not really necessary.

Do it at night. Just silicone, wait four hours to check on it, then go to sleep. Then when you wake up the next morning it’ll be ready for you to break right in. ;D

What red RTV are you using?

I WIN!!!

Why’s everyone in such a hurry? ??? Ya’ll can’t put down a yoyo for 24 hours? If you are siliconing your own yoyo, more than likely you have other yoyos. Play another one for a day. Or here’s a novel idea, read a book (insert rim shot here) or do something else for a day.

It is because i silicon ALL my yoyo at the same time…