im waiting for some silicone to cure in a yoyo and i have a question. Do i have to let it cure for 24 hours? can’t i just do 22 hours or 23

yes the package i think says 12 to 24… im sure you will be fine. i usually just do it overnight.

i did it 23.5 hours ago so by now i might as well let it cure for 30 minutes so it is all of the way cured

If you don’t let it cure for its full time it will start to eat away at the yoyo and give it massive amounts of vibe.

lies just in case you take it seriously.

You’ll be more than fine. I usually don’t even let it sit for 12. I’ve never had an issue once.

Let it sit and cure for at least 24 hours. That’s the manufacturer’s recommendation, and since I’m not a chemical engineer, I’m gonna have to defer to a more expert and qualified statement.

I know we get impatient. Patience is rewarded.

My problem is I do my silicone jobs around 11PM at night, so by the time it’s cured, I’m too tired to want to play, so I wait until yet the next morning before I play the yoyo.

The worse case that happens is all “fixable”. Either the response pad you flowed in there will rip out, tear out bit by bit(or bigger chunks) or just end up being a bunch of mush(very unlikely on this one) and making a bit sticky mess all over the inside of the yoyo, the string and maybe getting in the bearing. If any of this happens, you can simply clean it all out and then redo it.

the silicone ended up perfectly ;D it is my first time doing silicone on one of my yoyos and i must say i like the response being siliconed by me a lot more than most standard pads

I had bad results the time I was impatient and only waited like 12-15 hours. 24 hours for me every time from now on. The fact that I have to wait 24 hours to let it cure has always put me off flowable but I’ve never had to resilicone a yoyo after the first time I’ve done it myself, I have definitely had to put new pads in some yoyos a number of times

if you think about it most yoyoers that would be silioconing their yoyos would have more than one so 24 hours is long but really not that bad if you have another yoyo to play with