Did I get the right silicone?


hey guys, I know that flowable silicone is the stuff you’re supposed to use, but i could only find one type at target. It was $3, so I picked it up.

It says it is clear silicone II for windows and doors. indoor/outdoor, won’t shrink or crack, “perminately flexible”. Here is a picture of the tube.:

I put it in last night, here is what it looks like:

I touched it this morning by mistake when I scraping a bit of excess off and it took a little chunk out, is that supposed to happen? It doesn’t seem to have dried at all since last night…

What do you guys think?


That silicon should be fine, I use the clear aquarium standard for my siliconing of yoyos, people generally suggest flowable as I believe its a little easier to apply. but realy most types work, after all they are generally rubbery which is what your after isn’t it.

I wouldn’t worry too much about accidently taking a little chunk out, although if its bugging you redo the siliconing… easy fixed (it will still work if you don’t though)

just make sure you let it dry for a while before using.


(JonasK) #3

I think about any silicone that cures will work. After all, it is silicone. I just went to a painting store and found a tube of transparent, flowable silicone that cures. And most types of this silicone is used to fill cracks and seal windshield and stuff like that. The thickness may vary, but I got some really thick silicone and it works fine. SO as long as it’s silicone and cured, it will probably work.


I agree with everyone else.

Anyway, its okay that it scraped off. Usually it takes from 24-48 hours for silicone to cure completely. Also when you see it has cured completely, give it just a little bit more time to be safe.


That’s the exact tube I tried, and it worked perfectly… the 2nd try. The first try I waited only about 18 hours before playing with it… the silicone rubbed off and shredded to bits. The second time I tried I waited 2 days, and it’s holding up perfect. It didn’t look factory new at first, but you gotta wear it in a bit =)


Yeah, I waited 12 hours and it was gone within a few throws… I’ll keep an eye out for some other stuff, I don’t really want to go 24 hours without throwing…


i picked up silicone number 1
it’s the same brand and it works perfectly
silicone 1 somehow cures abnormally fast, i waited for 8 hours and it looked already cured
so i tried it and nothing like being shredded to pieces or falling out happened

i guess it’s my luck :stuck_out_tongue:
but sili 2 should still work


So I decided to try it again. I left to to cure over the weekend cuz I was out of town, over 48 hours. Played with it for about 5 minutes and it is coming out again.

Is it supposed to stay perfectly smooth? It is wearing down into the groove, getting silicone all over the string. I’m assuming that isn’t supposed to happen?

I think I give up on this silicone…


Go to an auto store. Get some High Temp Red RTV silicone and gasket maker. Its cleans up nicely due to its visibility. When worn in, its kind of like a pink eraser texture, soft but firm. Let it cure overnight. I cut the inside of the groove up with an exacto blade tip, helps it stay in. Also for a slightly raised grip, use a piece of scotch tape over the groove and cut out a stencil. Then fill it, level it with a razor blade and remove the tape. It will be slight raised instead of recessed. I use a wet finger to smooth it after 15 minutes of dry time.
Hope this helps, it worked for my friends Dark Magic.


Is this silicone good?



There are bits around the edge that come off at first. I trimmed those off with an exacto knife. The cleaner you can apply the silicone, the less that will happen. I think you’ll find a little bit of shredding will happen regardless of the type of silicone.