Flowable silicone


So, my flowable silicone SHOULD be coming tomorow, and I was wondering if you guys have any tips? I am doing it to my protostar (first) because its my most used yoyo and the response is worn out. I might do it to my maverick too, but people say its really hard. Im using Permatex flowable silicone by the way.


Who says it’s really hard? I’ve never heard anyone say siliconing a yoyo is hard… It’s rather easy… Squeeze, fill, clean, wait, done…


I put mine in a sealed container and put a light over it it heats the air bubbles in the Sili making them rise and I found that if you do that it seems to last a little longer


I mean it has a different kind of groove thing so i just dont know how.


This is my first siliconing of a yoyo, so ill probably just first do a test on my yyf ONE, and then go from there. I’m going to wait on doing anything that i havent seen in videos until later.


You have to cut the tip of the nozzle to “open” it. Make it small enough that as the flowable comes out, it stays within a standard-sized groove. Then if you apply with care and patience, you won’t have any “cleanup” at all, you’ll just have silicone in your groove.


Ok thanks greg!


Make sure to wait the full 24 hours though buddy. First time I siliconed I got impatient and ended screwing it up haha. Good luck!


Haha i know that day is gunna be torture!!!


And i just got it from the mail. Im going to try it on my whip right now.


Ol guys im gunna do it on my protostar. Are u sure its not going to ruin my yoyo?


Ok. I went and did it and as far as i know, it went well.


Waiting now? Haha if you don’t like it, after it dries the silicone should come out easily (almost like taking out a normal response pad). Then you can pop in the pads you like. Or try with a different type of silicone.


Stick the top of the nozzle with a nail or screw or something so that you wont waste any of the extra silicone in the nozzle. That way, you won’t have to take the nozzle out and like I already mentioned, you won’t have to waste the extra silicone in the nozzle if you do take the nozzle off. But you probably already know that.

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I always have cleanup because the nozzle thingy got clogged with silicone… I’m still super accurate somehow. Just practice I guess…


Can i silicone my g funk? After my pads wear out, im probably going to silicone my g funk, to save money on pads. Can (or should) i do that?


Yup, should be fine.


I personally take a baby medicine dropper and fill it with flowable silicone, makes it easier to handle and clean up is faster than cleaning the nozzle it comes with.

Something like that, you can find it at any Walmart, target, or drugstore