Today I siliconed some Yoyos


I Re-siliconed half of the yoyos I own, so I took some pictures.
Can you name them all? The shallow DOF doesn’t help! :stuck_out_tongue:
I used the flowable stuff, which Ive had the most luck with in the past. With that said, I haven’t siliconed a yoyo in years!
Also always helps to remove the bearing… you don’t want silicone in your bearings!
The YYF bearing removal tool is the best, which I need to get! I used my trusty pliers, being careful not to damage the bearing.
Goo-gone for all that adhesive from pads and such. You don’t want that trapped in your silicone.
Time to silicone!
A guitar pick works amazingly as you can choose the depth of your recess by which corner/edge you use.
Nice and shiny!
Now let them dry for an hour and pick off the excess silicone. Then wait another 12 and you’re done!

Jeff :slight_smile:


Today i got my first YYR. but your siliconing is a cooler story


Best feeling is when you got a bunch saved up and the next day you get to use them again.

It’s like getting new yoyos only you already know you love them.

Great pictures. C=


That’s awesome! I’ve never siliconed a yoyo, I might next time I buy something from here.


Nice job. I like the flowable as well and use it quite a bit so I’ll pass along a tip for ya. When you cut the tip of the flowable start with a razor blade until you just, and I mean just, open the hole. Now being able to apply a nice thin bead you can fill the groove and allow it to settle. You only really need to fill enough to just almost touch the sides on the way around. It’ll flow out and then you don’t even need the pick or mess around with peeling of the excess. Much cleaner and less waste.


Thanks for the tip. I actually used to use the red stuff. But I think Im sold on the flowable.

Picking off the excess is annoying, so Ill try your method next time.


Cool story :slight_smile:


I wish I was the one doing that many. I actually enjoy siliconing yoyos.

Tonight, I’m siliconing 2 YYJ Classics. I offered to do a third, but the owner of it decided he wants to do it. No problem. I like doing siliconing in bigger batches, but the reality is, if I do more than 3 at a time, it’s rare.

I know for sure there’s a Wooly Marmot in the picture. I think the red body with the black rims is a DM2?

Please wait the full 24 hours for it to cure. Really, trust me on this one!


I love siliconing as well, I usually snot mine because I like the colors. BTW, nice Berserk avatar Trace :wink:


Thanks I was wondering how many people would know what it was from. :slight_smile:


also when you do that you can take a pin with one of those plastic balls at the end and push it against the applicator and make an airtight seal so the silicone in the applicator doesn’t get wasted.


I’m sure Mr. Pang Know’s that part. He’s been modding yoyo’s for a good 6 or 7 years if memory serves me right. He’s got some insane mods.

Jeffrey you should start a thread showcasing your mods.

Yoyo Mod Showcase

Yes please. =DDD


we really do need a mod showcase


Icthus, Im glad someone remembers me, I feel like the noob on this forum :’(

Joking aside! Ill put together a showcase soon enough. I just have to organize the pictures!