Yoyo Mod Showcase


You ask and you shall receive…! :smiley:

I lost my last Flickr Account so please follow this one if you want! Thanks!

Here are my favorites, my flickr has much more. These are all the ones Ive taken pictures of, Ive done too many mods, hehe.

^^^ Painted by Levi (who did the first run peaks!!)

Feel free to ask questions!

Unfortunately I don’t mod for public anymore. Working for Northern Spin Co allows me to design yoyos from scratch- much more freedom I think ;D

Thanks for looking.


Those are really good works.


Where do you get your spr kits?

(WildCat23) #4

You could get them at yoyonation before they went down. Now, I think they stopped making them.


You can also contact Crucial. Paul might have a few left around. That is where I got mine, mind you it was at least 2 years ago.