Modding Service

Hello my name is Jaden and I Mod yoyos ever since 2010 with my dad.We do Silicone recesses and polish yoyos now and the price is depending on what you want us to do.If you need any modding you can give me a PM and private email and we will discuss on what you need us to do with your yoyo.Or you can just do stuff by your own! Then that means you dont have to play :slight_smile:

Please give us your adress so you can mail back to you.


You must put your yoyo in a good box so your yoyo(s) will not get any scratches.

Do you have pictures of your work?

I will try to ASAP my computers SD card port is messed up :3

ok would you b able to make my grey wooly marmot green with purple splash?

Yes might me able to do that but we suggest asking somone else we are out of purple paint sorry :((