new modder

okay i just started modding(well actually modding good)and i will start modding for people. i will state what i can do and then how much i will charge. so here it goes

I can custom paint clear or translucent yoyos-you will ahve to tell me what colors you want and what type of design or a random design which will be a secret until it arrives at your doors step. you will have to wait about 6 days before i am done becuase i would have to go to my hobby store and buy the paint.the price will depend on what you want and how many colors

i can also silicone and recess-i can silicone yoyos that have the groove or i can recess a groove and then sili that grove that i make-$8.oo

i can also whipe the logos of yoyos i would include this for free if you are getting a paint job otherwise its 50 cents

i can also reshape yoyos- i can make yoyos a different shape by putting them on a rig of mine that spins the yoyo and i take different tools(a screwdriver,pushpin,sandpaper,and a snecil knife) to reshape the yoyo-for plastics its 3 for metals its 7.oo dollars

i can also do a surprise mode to any plastic yoyo that is 4 dollars

No offense, but if you want to be more acceptable, use proper spelling, grammer, punctuation, and capitalization.

Pictures of work done is always a bonus too.

maybe get a picture of your lathe.
Also you have to guarentee that the yoyo will not have vibe

He know’s what he needs. I pm’d him.

its not a lathe its a screw gun that is on a clamp and i would take an extra axle and put it on the outside of the yoyo persay and it would go into the screw gun and the yoyo would spin that way
(instead of me going out to buy a lathe )

It’s the drill method.

i would definetly add pics. i started modding a while ago on my yoyos and theve turned out awesome. also why didnt u have satining or polishing?

bump pics added