Hi All. I do mods for anybody.
free. you pay for shipping though.

i reshape,
thumb grind rim mods,
cap area sanding
and finger grind surface satining.
Also I do Rim repair.
If you need something I didnt list done, ask(pm me) and I will tell you if I can or can’t do it

Rim staining-rim polishing
(^anodize removal^)
laser etching removal
full body satining or sanding
(^anodize removal^)
spash painting,
speckle painting,
hand painting
If you need something I didnt list done, ask(pm me) and I will tell you if I can or can’t do it

Do you have pics?

no offense, but this seems a bit fishy. i would love one of my throws splash painted though :-\


A bit, but I could believe you just love modding.

kind of suspicious. Why would you do something like this anyways

I’d mod for free. I don’t care so much about the money, more about just modding yoyos. I enjoy it.

Do you have any photos of your work?

exactly. To me throwing yoyos is not the limit. I make them, mod them, and throw them. I love it all

i updated it with some pics of the YYF Whip that I modded

thanks for the pics but they r really blurry, i can’t really tell even what the mod is…

i squared the edges and made it skinnier, also added wheight with ringd inside the lip.

hmmm…i have some yoyos i would love to send your way. Cant blame me for being a tad cautious though… have you worked with anybody else’s stuff on here?
also, you say you do grooving on metals… what type of equipment do you use for that?

what kind of modding would do, sir? since i do know you from another board… haha

Silicone recess, pad recess, schmoove rings, satins (Spiral or not), polishes (Not as good as yoyospirit, lol), I’ll groove 'stars, and I can sandblast, but I don’t have a way to rotate it as of now.

lathe, special tool that measures in ten-thousandths of an inch to measure the grooves, and water/oil lubricant so I dont stain the aluminum black/brown from the heat of the lathe spinning so fast against the bit.

pretty impressive…just curious where you got use of this equipment at only 14 years old?? i would have been in heaven at your age!

long story short, i got it because my dad works for nascar and when stuff gets broken they throw it out, he gets it, fixes it, and boom! $300 piece of equipment for free!

have you done someones before

Very interested, I would like to see a little more evidence though to prove that this is legit.