Tell us about your yoyo

yoyo people was up. I just wanted some people to tell me what yoyos you have and wat lvl you are. Tell me if you modded it or did something to it.

I have a 888 09’. 60$.
A flat rimmed imperial.


I have a KickSide CP, and a Hitman.

My Hitman is red, and I love it. Just the perfect Yo-Yo.

My KickSide is great, too. Good learning Yo-Yo.

I’m all over the place, really. My favorte trick so far is something I made up. :stuck_out_tongue:

But out of the listed, probably Hidemasa Hook. :wink:

I’d never mod it in my life, mabye YoYoJam silicone o-rings, but that’s it. :slight_smile:

That’s modding. :wink:

Not really.

You’re just replacing the O-Rings with Silicone O-Rings.

One Drop M1
YoyoFactory Grind Machine
YoyoJam Dark Magic
YoyoJam Big Yo
YoyoJam Aquarius
Duncan Freehand Zero
Duncan Metal Zero


Modding is changing or altering the physical properties yo-yo, the response is NOT the Yo-yo, just a part of the yo-yo, sorta like KKing.

Don’t want to list them…

Like changing the bearing, Isn’t a mod, but cleaning a bearing is.

Okay, I’ll start from my first yo-yo.

  1. An old fixed axle imperial yo-yo; I got it from a kit that included a trick book and two of these yo-yos. It’s now broken.
  2. A green Duncan Butterfly; This yo-yo kept me going for a few weeks, before I stopped yo-yoing for a few months. Broken beyond use, but I still use it for offstring sometimes. ;D
  3. A yellow Duncan Speed Beetle; My first ever ball bearing yo-yo. Got me back into yo-yoing for a week or two. I stopped and came back, a few months ago. It still works, but is barely usable. The only mod I did was add some sticky tack on each of the halves.
  4. A white Dark Magic; My main 1A throw. This is what brought me instant fame at school. :stuck_out_tongue: No mods. (unless you count Shims and Synergy Caps mods)
  5. A green Duncan Flying Panda; My main offstring throw. It got me through most of the offstring tricks on this site, but I’m looking to get a BigYo to replace it. No mods.

If I were to grade myself, I’d say I’m an Intermediate player. I’ve started getting to the Expert tricks on this site, but I do mainly Intermediate to Advance tricks.

One Drop M1
YoYoFactory Large Logo Pre-Release Edition Tan DV888
HSpin Pyro Light #504
YoYoFactory Blue VK
YoYoJam Blue Legacy
YoYoFactory 2009 Edition Eight8Eight
YoYoJam Black Dark Magic
YoYoJam Big Yo 2
YoYoJam Sunset Trajectory
Yomega Modded Fireball [ I took out the transaxle and put in 2 spacers with a ball bearing]
Duncan Red Imperial
Duncan Flying Panda

I have:
-Green Hitman (shaved o-rings) (yoyojam)
-Blue Reactor (custom yo)
-Green Xodus (yomega)
-Red Freehand (duncan)
-Black Powerbrain (yomega)
-Gliter Tripleplay (superyo)
-The rest are nameless (includes wooden, dollar tree finds, etc.)
The newest addition, not pictured, is a Plastic Grind Machine.

My main throws are the Hitman and the Reactor. I love all of them, and still throw most of them.

No, cleaning the bearing is modding the BEARING, not the yo-yo.

Dv888 Pre Pro
Dv888 Hardcoat
Dv888 Small Bearing
Project 1 grey matter
Smoke m1
yyn starry night 09 888
FHZ-flat rimmed siliconed

Id consider myself advanced-expert

To me, modding is basically just modifying it. So putting a KK is modifying it, changing the response is modifying it, satining is modifying it, dinging is modifying it. Thats just my opinion.

Anyway, i’m not gonna list my yoyos, too many, but I like my Hitman and Dark Magic alot. I just have a cleaned bearing in each of them, and a shim in both of them. One middle sized, one large sized in my Hitman and Dark Magic respectively.

Pink Superstar - BB’ed
Black on Black Superstar - BB’ed
Frantic Orange
DV888 Hardcaot
Wooly Marmot Huk Smash
Peak First run Painted
All Purple Stargazer
First Run 07 888 aqua without yyf logo
Wasabi 08
Wasabi 09
Mary all green 09
St eel
Flying V
JA Superstar Black and Gold
Clear DM
Splash Legacy
BB’ed Legacy
SPYY Pure BAC Edition

On Way to me:

Sili’d FHZ x4
Gold Pure (cant wait!)
BB’ed 5150
All purple Lio

Basically my collection, I left out a few but who cares.

Clear Journey
Black X-Convict
Orange Project 2

Solid collection right there