have you modded it?

has any one ever modded something. if so tell me what and if you have any ideas for a mod on any yoyo. later
keep it spinning

I have:




Taken off caps

Cleaned the bearing


Best Dark Magic EVAH!!

you like G-string Samad?

Um…do you know whaT G-String I am talking about?

I am currently trying to add o-rings to a Duncan speed beetle, and it’s going awesome!

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i know this isnt really a mod but i broke of the starbursts of my fast201

I am currently siliconing my Legacy. It’s my first mod, but hopefully it will help

samad, what do you mean by satined. I am trying to mod my DM right now.

The video for it is gone, but check out this thread: http://www.yoyonation.com/talk/index.php/topic,3903.0.html

I played with an experimental idea I had and took my Speed Beetle and modded it to add a string response system Loop720 style.

By no means the best, but works for what I wanted it for.

nope never modded a yoyo before bc i like my yoyos stock, although patrick mitchell is going to give me 2 of his modded raiders, i didnt mod them myself so my answer is still no

samad where can you get g string? yoyonation doesnt have any… and i want some

This is the G-String website:

Modded my Lyn, I took all of the mold marks and satined all of the plastic also ground off the 4 dimples that are part of the mold mark. Cleaned and desheilded my bearing it is smooothe now :wink: :wink: :wink: ;D

Uhh, Kim-Lan, what are you doing, he asked me.


Yeah, she is right. I also suggest using this page to find which kind of G-String you want:
And this page to get the actual color and things you want:

cool thanks im gonna get some

anyone have a legacy mod idea? i have 2 so i want to mod 1… but i dont know what to do!

^^ well, you could put a different bearing in it.

you can smooth off the mold marks and use 220 to 600 grit it will make it smoother and feel nice in your hand the legacy is molded like the lyn fury and i didnt like the feel of the lines of the molding. also take off the shelding from the bearing and clean it with mineral spirits and use no lube it gives you a longer spin time

I put KK silicone on my legacy.

keep spinning