What have you done to mod your yoyos?

What have you done to mod your yoyos? I will post mine later! ;D

Homemade friction stickers!!!

I took off all of the mold marks on my Lyn , scilicon recess, the dimples on the inside are ground down smooth, new pog. On my X-Con I satined the rings, silicon recess, smoothed the edge of the aluminum where it transitions in to the body, new pog, added weight rings and added a KK bearing. My sunset i weighted it with about 20grams it felt too lite smoothed off the mold marks and satined the plastic it was too slick also changed the pog out.

i siliconed my hitman bearing seat Nothing :slight_smile: Except silicone recessing my hitman.

I heat up my silicone friction sticker and it became unresponsive to Duncan yoyos. Yay ;D

Happy Throwing! =]

Ive modded a Duncan mosquito be for. added weight rings, switched the colors around, put tin foil in em, turned one into a star burst response and have sanded the response. on my DM Ive added a kk bearing, sanded the response and polished the rims to a mirror finish. on my SS NXG iv taken the" i guess you can call em caps" out and turn the peace of paper around and colored it black. an on my big yo i tried out putting silicone on the rims. it turned out to be a really bad idea. and that’s all iv done. oh and cleaned all my bearings. later.
keep it spinning

How do you polish the DM rims???

I got this cheap aluminum imperial, and I sanded the starburst, and replaced with friction stickers.

How do you heat it???

On my dm I’ve satined the plastic, put in a 10-ball bearing, polished the metal, siliconed one side, and sanded the starburst down

Satined the plastic, polish the metal??? What is it, and how do you do it?

I heated my Friction stickers with my sister’s hair dryer.

Happy Throwing! =]

to satin finish a yoyo, you need a bunch of sand paper from 100 grit to 800 grit, and you basically take the shine out, and to polish the rims on the dm you basically do the same thing but you go further with the sand paper, i go to 2000 grit, then i use a polish, like alumminum polish, for wheels on a car, and it shines it right up. the process takes a while, do some research…

For more information to learn how to satin finish, look here: http://www.yoyonation.com/talk/index.php/topic,3903.0.html

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yea, i didnt want to do that so i explained it in a hurry,

I put kk silocone on my Legacy.

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These aren’t real crazy mods or anything but I cleaned the bearing in both my DM and Legacy…

I made a custom cap for my DM… (My little sister drew it for me lol)

I removed the starburst from my Fast 201.

And I took out the clutch of a dollar store yoyo so I had time to do some tricks.

Thats about it for me

Fast 201 i painted it cleaned it siliconed it and satined it

I replace response systems and put in new ones but not much else

I just put a bearing inside my stealth fire. Works great.