satined yoyo pictures..

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i sanded down and polished the rims of another shutter… it came out better then i expected.
The black makes everything pops.


Nice, I’ve always wanted to polish a yo-yo but I want to wait until I have enough to spare if I mess up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow that looks really good.

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just to let people know i do take requests… the shutter you see above is a job i did for a friend


Messing up won’t destroy the yoyo, just changes the appearance, and it’s usually quite fixable. So have at it.

BTW, nice work, alecto.


How would you charge for a superstar ? Just wondering

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pm sent grelots


FYI that’s satined not polished!

Nice job on the satin.


Here’s what I did :stuck_out_tongue: before and after.

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did another job one a friends T1 i got the finish a little better

(Erik Kerber ) #11

^Nice work


I am a little confused at how you do such a wonderful job at polishing rims, I mean really dude, smash up job. But on the other hand yesterday you had to ask for help getting grease out of your bearings?

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Garret im better with my hands then with my head sometimes, partly why i mess around with yoyos.


Polished denotes more shine and luster.

Satined, items in this thread, have merely been sanded without polishing.


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mullicabob i have been using a nevrdull which is a polisher… in real life the yoyos look much better and have more of the shine and clarity which you show in that picture.



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why do i get the feeling that someone doesn’t care for my work…


I was just telling my buddy this the other day…
If I had a yoyo company “like CLYW for instance”
I would drop 10 polished week early pre releases of each model, these releases would be sold as strictly collectors pieces ( and at a $100 mark up of coarse )
Or at very least I would do a few polished makes of each run, even if it’s just a $25 mark up, just so collectors have something to grab at.
With the pure beauty that if reflected from a properly polished yoyo I am very suprised no company is using it as a tactic? And you can say that I am just being greedy, and that may be true, and although some companies are friendlier than others, they all desire your paper over your friendship :wink:


If you may be referring to me not at all!

Polished throws have a broad range of what people think or feel is polish. Growing up with a father that spent hundreds of hours polishing parts for various projects. I’ve always been one to say a true polish is one that is highly reflective with no paper lines in it.


I likey what is a quick run down of he process your using?